Puppies entirely fill the back of a car after their first veterinary checkup

Puppies alone are incredibly cute, but if there are so many puppies that they completely fill the back of a car, it's cuter than anyone can take. These fluffy little angels are all loaded into the back of the car after completing their first veterinary exam. There are thirteen perfect little fluffballs in this throw. They will soon go to their carefully selected families forever and the breeders are committed to ensuring that everyone is healthy and happy before they set out. Her vet visit included cardiac exams, vaccinations, and general health checkups. Fortunately, they all passed with flying colors.
These are the love children of Stella, a beautiful Bernese mountain dog, and Dexter, a tight and pretty Maremma. They are both wonderfully minded dogs and it is no surprise that their puppy litter is equally good-natured. The puppies started their lives on a beautiful farm near Peterborough, Ontario. They have rolling hills, forest areas and a crystal clear stream to play and explore. Life couldn't be better for these deserved little souls.

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