Puppy Grabbed and Taken Up Electricity Pole By Monkey in Malaysia Is Rescued After 3-Day Effort

A puppy has all four paws back on the ground after a harrowing three-day journey.
According to NewsFlare, a wild monkey in Taman Lestari Putra, Malaysia, grabbed the two-week-old dog off the street and scurried to a nearby power pole on September 16.
Locals in the area who saw the primate pick up and take off the black and white dog recognized the wild animal as a member of a group of monkeys notorious for stealing food from people.
Concerned for the welfare of the puppy, stuck high up in the monkey's grip with no food or water, the animal-loving residents of Taman Lestari Putra kept an eye on the primate and pooch.
"The puppy looked tired and tired, but the monkey didn't seem to hurt him. The monkey only held the pup while he was moving," viewer Cherry Lew Yee Lee told NewsFlare.
"It looked like it was treating the puppy as a friend or a baby, it was very strange. We still had to rescue the poor dog because it appeared to have starved," she added.
Monkey and puppy
Cherry and a few others tried for three days to get the monkey to release the pup, but each time they approached the monkey, the animal withdrew with the dog onto a power pole or into nearby trees.
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On September 18, a group of local people worked together to scare the monkey, which resulted in the animal dropping the pup. The group picked up the small dog and did not find any serious injuries. NewFlare also reported that the monkey also left the incident unharmed.
After this rescue, a local took care of the puppy, adopted the dog, and named the dog Saru.

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