Putin is losing, let him lose

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin
Few, if any, of his war aims or objectives were achieved, and indeed his actions on many of them achieved exactly the opposite of what he intended.
Let's just look at the list of his likely targets:
1. Denazification of Ukraine
As is now known, Ukraine was not inherently full of Nazis and certainly was not ruled by a Nazi regime in Kyiv. Ukraine has no more Nazis than any other country in Europe, but given the Z trend in Russia, it seems to have far fewer than Russia itself.
In reality, Putin just didn't like a government in Kyiv that wouldn't be respectful/submissive to Moscow.
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So Kiev's independence was sold as Nazism at home, I think the Russian narrative is that they were the bastion against Nazi Germans and therefore anyone who opposes Moscow gets tarred with the Nazi brush.
It's all bullshit, but I think that's the Kremlin's distorted mindset these days. The reality is that just as many Ukrainians died at the hands of Nazi Germany, and probably just as many at the hands of Soviet troops (see Synders Bloodlands).
But if denazification was just a euphemism or an excuse for regime change in Kyiv, Putin has failed spectacularly. His attempt to conquer Kyiv and behead the Zelenskyi government in the first days of the war failed miserably.
Militarily, his forces suffered an overwhelming defeat at the Battle of Kyiv and have since been forced to retreat from where they came from - from Belarus to the north of the East via Sumy and now Kharkiv.
Zelensky has proven to be a remarkable leader in times of war. His bravery and communication skills at home and abroad have strengthened his position.
Opinion polls show that Zelenskyj is very popular.
Meanwhile, any support for stronger ties with Russia has evaporated due to the brutality used by Putin and the Russian armed forces. In it, support for historically pro-Russian political parties in Ukraine has collapsed, as most of these supporters have allied themselves with Zelenskyy, as has opposition bloc leader Yuri Boyko.
2. The reunification of the Russian and Ukrainian peoples, and whence they both came
So if this invasion was about uniting the Russian and Ukrainian peoples - as Putin tried to imply in his essay last summer - it also failed spectacularly. His actions have united the Ukrainian people against him and Russia, solidifying their desire to go West and join NATO and the EU.
Ukrainian national identity, separated from Russian, is now much more vivid and clear - because Putin himself in his rhetoric has tried to erase Ukrainians from the country in which they live. Ukrainians have viewed Russian actions as genocide and are now clear about who they are (Ukrainians) and who they don't want to be (Russians).
Putin has indeed lost Ukraine to Russia, likely for generations to come and certainly never as long as he remains in power.
3. They cause Ukraine to fail as a state
Part of Russia's game plan, when not about bringing about regime change in Kyiv, was to seize so much territory and take/dismantle sufficient economic infrastructure to make the territory that remained under Kyiv's control economically and militarily untenable close.
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