Putin’s White Supremacist Pals Gloat at ‘Black Terror’ in U.S.

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While the world is shaken by mass protests against racism and police brutality, the situation in Russia is viewed from a completely different perspective. Russian experts, experts and government officials are far from concerned with minority rights and are appallingly concerned about the fate of whites - and are obsessed with Donald J. Trump's declining re-election opportunities.
Is Putin's fascination with genetics just eugenics in disguise?
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The development of measured observation into comments that border on the malicious joy of the white Supremacists was quick to come by.
Earlier this month, the spokeswoman for the Russian State Department, Maria Zakharova, was frequently quoted by the Russian and Chinese state media and described the unrest in America as "a real American tragedy". Zakharova, who was televised on June 2 on the Russian state television program The Evening with Vladimir Soloviev, strictly emphasized: "Nobody is happy about it."
But the joy was all too obvious when Zakharova appeared again on the Soloviev show on June 7th. Zakharova sat in front of a messy bookshelf and let go, talking excitedly about the impact of the situation in the United States and Europe. Crowded now, with obvious joy at the American tragedy, she laughed: "You reap what you sowed!"
In another part of the show that same week, Karen Shakhnazarov, CEO of a film studio and a prominent part of Russian state television, admitted: “This is a very useful time for us. Let us be simple, the weakening of the United States is very beneficial for us. "
Dmitry Suslov, deputy director of the Center for Comprehensive European and International Studies, said America is losing its moral leadership in the world. Suslow added: "It is no longer a shining city on a hill", and the host, Vladimir Soloviev, quipped: "Only a burning city on a hill."
Deputy Dean of World Politics at Moscow State University, Andrey Sidorov, described the United States as Russia's existential enemy and predicted that the United States could disintegrate at any time. He shows no mercy to Russia against his oppressed opponent.
Similar feelings were expressed in various Russian state media.
"The dissolution of the United States is already underway," said Oleg Nilov, member of the State Duma of the Russian Federation.
State Duma MP Aleksey Zhuravlyov, who appeared on the state television show for 60 minutes, sadly complained: "Unfortunately, there will be no civil war in the United States."
“Negroes are raging everywhere in their country. Should we get involved? "thought about the host of a Russian state television show 60 minutes, Olga Skabeeva. In fact, the New York Times reported that, according to seven government officials who have been informed of the latest intelligence agencies, Russian intelligence officials are very involved and are trying to use white violence to stimulate supremacist groups.
The Kremlin-controlled state media release is in line with the view that Russian intelligence officials are trying to address President Trump's main voters to influence the upcoming presidential election.
"Everything points to Trump's reelection because he is consolidating white America. The ongoing unrest is helping ... Another generation and the whites will be in the minority in their own country," said Alexander Kramarenko, "extraordinary and plenipotentiary ambassador “The Russian Federation and member of the Russian Council for International Affairs, appears on 60 minutes.
During his nightly broadcast, state television host Soloviev, known for his close ties to the Kremlin and President Vladimir Putin, grimly predicted that the American carnage would be imminent. He menacingly noted that whites own the majority of firearms in the United States.
Former Deputy Secretary of State Andrei Fedorov, who is now leading political advice, also said in 60 minutes that "black terror" was coming to America. "Give them a piece of cake and they'll want the whole cake," Fedorov said. A Russian International Affairs Council panelist, Alexey Naumov, feared that the protests could lead to "reverse segregation" against whites.
"They want to suppress the poor bulls and force them to kneel!" 60 minute host Olga Skabeeva complained without a hint of irony. She added: "It's a humiliation of the white person!" With the shrill intensity of a circular saw, Skabeeva exclaimed: “The whites lost to the blacks! The whites were put down. "
Even the Kremlin's English-language propaganda, RT, which usually pretends to be on the side of the demonstrators against Western governments, has finally found the movement to resist. RT released a comment, “anticipating an act of horrific violence - such as the Charlottesville car attack - that would then place the Republicans in a negative light. After all, people can only deal with so much stress before things get really ugly. All of this will help paralyze the economy and overthrow the House of Trump. "
The Kremlin definitely doesn't want that.
In his first interview, which dealt with the unrest in the United States, President Putin claimed that it showed "deep systemic internal conflicts" resulting from the Democratic Party's refusal to accept the legitimacy of Trump's election.
The notorious Maria Butina claimed in the evening with Vladimir Soloviev that the protests are being staged by the "deep state" to withdraw Trump's presidency.
Butina was marginalized as a weapons advocate in 2016 and sent to the U.S. to infiltrate conservative circles and build covert lines of influence for the Russian government. In December 2018, she pleaded guilty to conspiring with a Russian government official as a Russian agent in the United States without registering with the Department of Justice. After being deported to Russia in a US prison for five months, it is now being used as part of the Kremlin's propaganda machine, which broadcasts anti-American topics of conversation on Russian state television.
Butina appeared in Soloviev's program, complaining that Trump's presidential authority is being actively undermined, and pointing to the spread of racist tensions in America. Despite her conviction and deportation on his watch, Butina is still looking for Trump.
Likewise, the Kremlin is still baffled by Trump's re-election, undeterred by the threat of additional sanctions recently proposed by the Republican Study Committee. Regarding the GOP's strategy proposal, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said: "We hope that these plans will remain at the level of the statements and will not be implemented in any way."
Russian state television showed the text of the proposed U.S. sanctions against Russia against the backdrop of the 2018 Trump and Putin press conference in Helsinki - a moment of undeniable triumph for the Kremlin when the American leader blindly accepted the word of a Russian authoritarian and accepted it valued higher than the conclusions of his own intelligence agencies.
Russian experts, experts and Russian government officials made it clear why the Kremlin continues to support Donald J. Trump's presidency.
Moscow State University Sidorov said: “Republicans and Democrats have different enemies. Russia will always be the No. 1 enemy for the Democrats. So I would say that Biden is not very beneficial for us. China is the main enemy for the Republicans. If I placed bets, I would support Trump in some way - which our government does. "
Sidorov speculated that the Republicans proposed the new sanctions because they are no longer sure whether Trump will be re-elected and want to consolidate their own positions in the Senate. He added: "It would be much more difficult for the Democrats. If it were Clinton - or if Biden comes to power - not only the American elites will be consolidated, but also the transatlantic elites. They will consolidate against Russia - not China. "
Trump was already the Russians' preferred candidate and received bonus points for his recent decision to withdraw US troops from Germany. During her regular briefing at the State Department, Zakharova praised the expected move, saying that Russia "would welcome all steps taken by Washington to reduce its military presence in Europe," and urged the United States to take its tactical nuclear weapons home from Germany as well to take.
Twenty-two Republican members of the House Armed Services Committee wrote to Trump last Tuesday asking him not to continue withdrawing because "such moves would significantly damage US national security and strengthen Russia's position to our disadvantage". But that's exactly why the Kremlin is such a fan and one of the many reasons why Trump's candidacy for the Putin regime remains a valuable - albeit at risk - good.
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