Quarantine Diary: Ricky Martin is 'obsessively' cleaning, hasn't worked out in three months

Still in quarantine? You're not alone. Celebrities, like many of us, are locked up in their homes across the country. As we navigate this new territory together, USA TODAY presents quarantine diaries that give readers an insight into how our favorite stars spend their time at home.
Today's diary is Puerto Rican superstar Ricky Martin, who is at home in Los Angeles with his husband, painter Jwan Yosef, and four children. Despite the release of his EP "Pausa" with six songs at the end of last month, the singer of "Livin 'La Vida Loca" cut back on social media advertising. Instead, he devotes most of his Instagram to reinforcing black voices in the face of ongoing protests against the police murder of George Floyd.
"I have published great leaders and inspiring messages about what needs to be done," says Martin. "I just want to educate the world about everything that the Black Community has been through, especially here (in the US)."
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Before the Supreme Court granted federal, gay, lesbian, and transgender workers federal protection on Monday, Martin spoke out in favor of transgender rights that were under siege by the current government. "We have to keep our spirits up," he said. "We will celebrate Pride (Month) with our brothers and sisters in the trans community. I am there for them."
With "Pausa", which can now be downloaded and streamed on iTunes and Spotify, Martin leads us through a day in his life. - As Patrick Ryan tells
Ricky Martin (left) and husband Jwan Yosef are walking together on a red carpet in Los Angeles in 2018. The couple are quarantined with their four children at home during the coronavirus pandemic.
6:15 a.m. Since we are closed, it was extremely important for me to be awake at least one hour before everyone woke up. This time of silence in the house is incredible: to sit on the couch with my coffee, to meditate and to go through my emails.
At 8 a.m. the whole gang - the four children and everyone else - shows up. My mother is in quarantine here with us and my assistant is also locked up here with us. It is religious for me to have breakfast with my children every day. It ranges from oatmeal to scrambled eggs. A lot of cheese please - that's all I'm asking.
9:30 am I am already working. (It was great) to be able to work from home and spend time with my kids. We have taught her at home since she was born and we have two incredible tutors who have worked with us for many years. My twins (Valentino and Matteo, 11 years old) have just finished primary school with all A.
Family of 6: Ricky Martin welcomes baby # 4 with husband Jwan Yosef
How do you stay in shape? I haven't been to the gym yet! Your self-esteem is compromised when you see everyone exercise on social media, but the last thing I want to do is take a barbell. (Laughs) I haven't picked up a barbell in 90 days. We have a small room where my husband is training and I go over, say hello and go on. It's just not where I am right now. But I am healthy, I eat well and I am active.
Lunch: It depends on whether I work. I'll probably have a snack very quickly and when I'm done I'll either go back to my music or spend time with my husband. By practicing social distance, I was also able to open up a bit and bring very close friends of mine who I know follow the same quarantine rules (to my home). Mental health is extremely important, and even from a distance it is good to sit down and laugh well with people you trust.
At the request of his husband to make the cover "Pausa": I mean, I had to take photos for the album and didn't want to break the quarantine. He is an artist and although he does not specialize in photography, he studied painting in college. I told him that I wanted my torso to be bare in front of a wall ... and he started taking pictures. These are the new things; We have to be ready to work with what we have. It shows us what is really important and what is not. I even made a video here with my iPhone (for the remix "Tiburones" with Puerto Rican singer Farruko).
6pm We had pizza for dinner. As you know, my mother is here, so we ate really well. Although it is also very important for us to boost the economy, we try to order at local restaurants at least three times a week.
8:30 p.m. We are in bed early every day. We have babies who sleep at 8:30 am (Lucía, 16 months and Renn, eight months), and when they go to sleep we run into the room to do the same. The days are long and (with) four children it is intense.
What I'm streaming: I was working like crazy, so it was just music, music, music. When all the kids are asleep and I actually sit down to watch movies, I just fall asleep. It is terrible. Although in this house "(RuPaul's) Drag Race" is a religion and we don't mess around with it.
Alexis Mateo at the premiere of season 5 of "RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars".
What was the guest rating from "RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars" earlier this month? (Martin appeared in the season premiere recorded before the shutdown of COVID-19.) I had a great time! I just want to take all of my competitors out onto the streets. It felt great to be in the studio and see how creative they are. I will choose (Puerto Rican Queen) Alexis Mateo. I love her! She came in with this flag (bodysuit) and I got goose bumps; My heart wanted to explode.
Have you added any new hobbies to Lockdown? Yes, (if you count) cleaning windows, cleaning toilets and sweeping my office obsessively. I spoke to my mother the other day when I swept the floor and she said to me, "Sit down and talk to me! You can't sit still!" My head is always accelerating and I need time to relax.
Ricky Martin is at home in Los Angeles with his husband, the painter Jwan Yosef, and his four children.
About the quarantine with his mother: she came to spend some time with my children while I was traveling (in Latin America). When I got back (mid March) after canceling my tour, I said, "You won't get on another plane, you will stay here with us." It's been three months and she wants to go home so much. Unfortunately, she is stuck here while her husband is in Puerto Rico. It's one of those things. But she is going home (soon) and I will miss her very much.
Talking to his kids about current events: Obviously kids are asking questions about what's happening and you just have to be transparent. Give them love and respond with honesty - that's what we've been doing since Day 1. It's time to talk about injustice and how you are treated differently because of the color of your skin. We talk about similarities and differences and try to create a full range of ideas. I ask her every day, "How are you feeling?" And when they say "good," I say, "It's not a feeling. Let's try again." So they recognize the real meaning behind every emotion and it is fantastic.
This article originally appeared in the US TODAY: Ricky Martin on trenching and releasing a new EP during quarantine

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