Queen Elizabeth Reportedly Uses Her Handbag to Relay Secret Signals to Her Staff

It's no secret that Queen Elizabeth almost always has a handbag with her, but we had no idea how important the accessory was.
According to Capricia Penavic Marshall (former U.S. chief of protocol and author of the protocol), the Queen's handbag isn't just visual. The author recently sat down for an interview with People magazine, revealing that the 94-year-old monarch is sending non-verbal signals to her employees.
"I found out later that she might be using the bag as a signal," she said.
Marshall went on to explain logistics and found that it was all about placing the wallet. "If it's on part of her arm, it means the meeting is going well. Leave me alone," she said. “But if she lowers it, it means, 'Stop that now. I want to go. “Pretty awesome, isn't it?
Of course, the Queen's handbag is not for business purposes only. Marshall also teased the rumored content, adding, "People speculated that she had a cell phone in her pocket so that she could call and speak to her grandchildren, which I absolutely adore."
Queen Elizabeth currently has eight grandchildren, including Peter Phillips (42), Zara Tindall (39), Prince William (37), Prince Harry (35), Princess Beatrice (31), Princess Eugenie (30) and Lady Louise Windsor (16) . and James, Viscount Severn (12). If this is the case, the mobile phone must ring.
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