Queen Latifah: Let ‘Gone with the Wind’ be gone forever

NEW YORK (AP) - While some have criticized HBO Max's removal of "Gone with the Wind" from the streaming service - including those wondering if it will harm the legacy of Hattie McDaniel, the first African American to win an Oscar won - Oscar nominated Queen Latifah says good exemption.
"Make" Gone with the Wind "disappear with the wind," said the Emmy, Golden Globe and Grammy winner last week in an interview.
Latifah, who portrays McDaniel in Ryan Murphy's Netflix "Hollywood" series, says the story behind McDaniel's Oscar win isn't as shiny as the gold trophy.
"They only let her into the theater shortly before this award. Someone came outside and took her to the auditorium. She wasn't even allowed to sit there. And then she had to read a speech written by a studio. You know she didn't want to say that, ”she said.
"After that, she could only play the same roles ... The chances at that time and the way in which the rulers in this business banished and marginalized us and then stopped us from growing and prospering were simply terrible. And much of it still exists today. "
Latifah spoke to The Associated Press and promoted its Queen Collective initiative, which aims to highlight emerging filmmakers for color. She discussed George Floyd's death, her feelings that her lyrics were sung by protesters, and more.
The answers have been processed for brevity and clarity.
AP: What do you think about the protests after George Floyd's death?
LATIFAH: It's like nothing I've ever seen in my life. And it's also the fact that it happens worldwide. It's time you know It's time. What an opportunity we have right now. I can only compare it to what it was like to me as a child, as a teenager - young 20s, early 90s when apartheid was in South Africa, and we didn't agree with that. And rappers, we got up and used our voices, and everyone used their voices.
AP: We see that companies in America and brands support Black Lives Matter. Do you think this is popular right now, or is it a genuine effort to bring about change?
LATIFAH: I think it's a mix ... we see things that have been coming for a long time, and that's the powder keg. If you like, this is the perfect storm for the opportunity to change. So we shouldn't stop - we shouldn't take our foot off the gas. I read something that Viola Davis posted and ... it ended with "Don't take your foot off the gas" and that came to my mind and that was my slogan in my brain every day.
AP: Protesters on a march sang your song U.N.I.T.Y.
LATIFAH: This song is an attitude. I wish it hadn't happened - I wish it had happened. But to say: "Love a black man from infinite to infinite", "Love a black woman from infinite to infinite", but ultimately: U.N.I.T.Y. We do it together. You know, let's bring it all together. But I had to say things like that. We have to say that. I have so many records that I wish they were no longer useful. They know that records have fought for women's equality and that we all have the same place at the table. I wish we didn't have to talk about this stuff, but it still happens.
I'm both torn apart and inspired at the same time, and I've shown new strength every day because we have a lot to do. It is an election year. I am inspired by the youth out there.
AP: This is your second year at the Queen Collective. Was there anything you learned or changed this year?
LATIFAH: The only thing that has expanded me is that we need more support and more films. We need more production because the same thing happened last year: we were able to make two films (but) we received over 60 submissions last year ... These amazing filmmakers have shown that they not only tell unique, interesting and cool stories stor ( s) - not just cool -. but stories that need to be told. But they also set different things behind the camera, which gives people experience.
AP: Billy Porter posted an Instagram video in which the black community needs to do a better job of supporting the LBGTQ community in the midst of this “Black Lives Matter” movement. What are your thoughts?
LATIFAH: I agree 100%. You know, we don't have the luxury of separating ourselves right now. The whole purpose is inclusiveness. ... you should be respected for who you are, no matter who you are ... this includes the LGBTQ community, especially our trans sisters and brothers who are murdered in these streets for no reason other than who they are or who they are and someone decides that "I don't like who you are" or "I want to attack you". It just can't fly.
Follow entertainment journalist Gary Gerard Hamilton of the Associated Press at twitter.com/garyghamilton

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