Rachel Maddow Rips Merrick Garland For Continuing To Protect Donald Trump

MSNBC's Rachel Maddow on Tuesday urged Attorney General Merrick Garland to “house clean” or risk setting a precedent for future corrupt presidents to exploit in the Justice Department following his “misconduct” during the Trump administration.
The hope after ex-President Donald Trump used the department to "track his enemies and reward his friends" was that Garland would root out wrongdoing, come in and then move on, Maddow said.
But President Joe Biden's Justice Department actually adheres to some Trump-era practices, Maddow explained, highlighting his shocking decision to continue defending Trump in a libel suit brought against him by columnist E. Jean Carroll, who claims the former Presidents accused of raping her in the 1990s.
"Under Donald Trump, the US Department of Justice was corrupted in several cases," said Maddow. “That cannot be set as a precedent. The US Department of Justice is too important. Your credibility is too irreplaceable. This Trump-era misconduct in the US Department of Justice needs to be cleared up, found out, tracked down, punished, cleaned up and made clear to the American people. "
“Or the Justice Department will be used again by the next corrupt president, who sees what happened under Bill Barr and the ex-husband as a legacy of corruption to build on. And trust me, it will happen, ”she warned.
Maddow admitted that "the cleanup" was "a terrible and really difficult one" but "a necessity for all of the obvious reasons."
"I'm not sure if we expected some of the worst things of the Trump era, from Bill Barr's Justice Department, to continue under the Biden administration," she said. “We knew it had to be cleaned up. We were hoping it would be cleaned up. I don't think anyone expected it to continue. "
Check out Maddow's full statement here:
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