'Racism Is Not Welcome Here': Minnesota Residents Speak Out Against Whites-Only Church Permitted by City Council

Earlier this month, The Root reported that in Murdock, Minnesota, a small town of around 280 residents, permission was given to the white nationalist group Asatru Folk Assembly to turn an abandoned Lutheran church into an all-white church for worshipers ... oh , I don't know ... be white and racist together in the name of the clanist deity they pray to.
Votes from the City of Minnesota to allow the White Supremacist Church to exist on the basis of freedom of religion
Well, members of the ward and others speak out against the Church for people who dry clean reusable slings, and they make it clear that racism is not welcome in their city.
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According to NBC News, people who don't want to live near a church to call the Black Jesus police for turning water into wine without permission have collected 50,000 signatures in an online petition to divorce the group and their church to keep Murdock from calling home.
From NBC:
"I think they thought they could fly under the radar in a small town like this, but we want to keep the pressure on them," said Peter Kennedy, a longtime Murdock resident. "Racism is not welcome here."
Many locals said they are providing support through the Church to the growing population of Latinos who have moved to the area for job opportunities in the past decade.
"Just because the council has given them conditional permission doesn't mean that the city and the people in the area will not be vigilant when they watch and protect our area," wrote Jean Lesteberg, who lives in the neighboring town of De Graff City Facebook page.
Of course, not all residents are against the discriminatory church. Murdock, 26-year-old Jesse James - whose real name is Jesse James, although he probably hasn't even led his own gang of outlaws or robbed a single stagecoach - cited religious freedom as saying that the church should stand still.
"I find it hypocritical when my community, for lack of a better expression, shows a lot of hatred for something they don't understand. I see no problem with that," James wrote on Facebook, NBC reports. "I don't want to follow this pagan religion, but I do think it's important to recognize and support each other's beliefs "(Either he thinks" pagan "is pagan for" no niggras allowed ", or he misses the point of why people are against this church.)
As we previously reported, the Asatru Folk Assembly has been labeled a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. According to NBC, according to the SPLC, the group masks its "bigotry in unsubstantiated claims of bloodlines that establish the superiority of its own white identity".
The group denied this characterization while describing themselves in a way that fits the characterization almost perfectly. More from NBC:
"Weren't. It's just not true," said Allen Turnage, a board member of the People's Assembly. "Just because we respect our own culture doesn't mean we denigrate others."
The Brownsville, Calif., Based group says teaching and membership are intended for those with exclusively European bloodlines.
“We don't need redemption. We just need the freedom to face our fate with courage and honor, ”wrote the group on their website about their beliefs. "We honor the gods under the names that our Germanic / Nordic ancestors gave them."
According to the website, their ancestors were "Angels and Saxons, Lombards and Heruli, Goths and Vikings, and as sons and daughters of these people, they are linked by blood and cultural ties that have remained unbroken for centuries."
"We respect the way our ancestors viewed the world and approached the universe a thousand years ago," said Turnage.
In other words, they only allow the purists of lily-white Caucasian bloodlines in their church to people who believe a guy named Jim Crow is just another innocent victim of the abandon culture.
Murdock Mayor Craig Kavanagh also cited freedom of religion as a reason the city council had no choice but to approve the church.
"Our attorney strongly recommended that we give this legal permission to protect the rights of the first amendment," he said. "We knew we would have a lawsuit that could be quite expensive if it were denied."
"The biggest thing people don't understand is that we approved this permit. Suddenly everyone thinks this city is racist and it is not," Kavanagh continued. "Just because we voted yes doesn't mean we are racist."
I mean I guess.

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