Rand Paul Outlines $54 Billion in ‘Outlandish’ Government Waste in Annual Festivus Report

Senator Rand Paul released his annual report on Tuesday of billions of dollars in "really unusual" government trash.
This year's Festivus waste report, a reference to the “broadcast of complaints” from the fictional Seinfeld holiday, documented nearly $ 54,746,525,000 in money that was “completely wasted” by the government.
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"Just remember next time they tell you there's nothing to cut," the Kentucky Republican wrote on a Twitter thread on Wednesday that highlighted parts of the report.
Paul's waste cases included multiple health studies, including more than $ 36 million to study why stress turns hair gray, more than $ 1 million to study whether humans eat ground insects, and more than $ 3 million Dollars for asking San Franciscans their edible cannabis use.
In terms of tax dollars spent on helping other countries, Afghanistan has spent $ 8.62 billion on anti-drug interventions, more than $ 37 million on dealing with gay Filipino youth, and more than 3 million US dollars for sending Russians to American community colleges. Gap year. "
Among the funds allocated to the environment, energy, and scientific research, more than $ 1 million was spent walking lizards on a treadmill, nearly $ 200,000 studying how people collaborate while playing esports video games, and more than $ 2 million to develop a wearable headset to track eating habits.
The military had several particularly heavy spending this year that Paul classified as waste, including repurposing $ 1 billion in coronavirus reactants for unrelated acquisitions, more than $ 715 million in lost equipment for Syrians who fighting ISIS, and $ 174 million for drones lost in Afghanistan.
Other brow-raising expenses included more than $ 4 million for spraying bobcat urine on alcoholic rats, more than $ 10 million for potential coronavirus test tubes that turned out to be used soda bottles, and nearly $ 6 Million US dollars to build three bicycle sheds in Washington, DC subway stations.
In 2020, "Congress spent like never before, and allegedly did so without care," the report said. "Some of that is due to COVID-related expenses, but a lot is not."
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