Raven-Symoné just got married, and she shared the first photos with her new wife

Congratulations, because - surprise! - Raven-Symoné just got married. She and her new wife Miranda Maday shared pictures of their intimate wedding ceremony on Instagram today, June 18. The wedding not only looks beautiful, the couple also looks so happy that we are honestly tearing up here.
"I married a woman who understands me from the trigger to the joy, from breakfast to the midnight snack, from the stage to home," Raven-Symoné signed her Instagram post.
"I love you, Mrs. Pearman-Maday! Let's make a new hole in this world !!! "Raven's full name is Raven-Symoné Christina Pearman. In the picture, the couple is hugging and it appears that Raven is wearing black overalls and Miranda is wearing white.
In another photo post, the star "That's So Raven" thanked everyone who helped set up their wedding and admitted that she had to keep the celebration small "during that time". Given that we live in the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), I'm sure that potential guests understand the intimate backyard event.
The other new woman, Pearman-Maday, Miranda, has posted a handful of photos of her wedding on her Instagram and stories, and they bring the much-needed joy to our day. In one post, she shared a GIF of the newlywed couple kissing.
"8pm ~ my wife for life ❣️", she labeled the post.
In another case, Miranda and Raven-Symoné pose for a selfie, and we can take a look at Miranda's white veil (and sunglasses, dear!).
@mirandamaday, Instagram
Miranda also shared a picture with some of her wedding guests wearing protective face masks.
@mirandamaday, Instagram
We are very happy for Raven-Symoné and Miranda and send our love and congratulations to the new Mrs. Pearman-Madays. More pictures please!

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