Ravens admit they missed out on Bills’ Stefon Diggs like many

The broad receiver Stefon Diggs is likely a guy who goes well with the Bills and the Buffalo area because he's been overlooked many times in his career. An outsider in itself.
Diggs has flashed talent in the NFL for several years, but while dating the Minnesota Vikings has never done a Pro Bowl ... kind of. It was really a day one thing for him.
Diggs wasn't a high-profile Maryland prospect and wasn't selected until the fifth round of the 2015 NFL draft. Every NFL team, including the Vikings and Bills, passed it on at least once. We can also throw Buffalo's aspiring opponents, the Baltimore Ravens (11-5), in there.
And just this week the ravens admitted just that. Baltimore head coach John Harbaugh praised Diggs' skills and said they failed to get a man out of Baltimore's own backyard.
"Boy, he did great. A long time ago ... I remember him well because he was here. We knew a lot about him and studied him. We just missed him," Harbaugh said. "Of course we would we can draw it by then, and we haven't. I don't remember the exact details, but unfortunately this is one that got away with it. But he's a great player, a great guy, a local guy. [I have] all the respect in the world for him as a player. He's definitely a factor. "
In Saturday's AFC Divisional Round, Diggs will face Harbaugh and Baltimore for the first time in his career. Even so, Diggs won't use the ravens that pass it on as motivation, he said via videoconference. Diggs hinted that this may have been suppressed against the Washington Football team, also based in Maryland. The overriding factor of thought is just its desire to win.
"It's the same as playing the Redskins," said Diggs. "It's not something I'm overly looking forward to just because it's a home team. It's more like I'm just trying to win like any other game."
As mentioned earlier, Diggs has its own underdog story, but realistically, he's no longer there. Diggs led the NFL in catches (127) and yards (1,535) this season and everyone knows him well now ... including the ravens.
Cornerback Jimmy Smith promoted Diggs' skills this week, but also put the entire Bills (13-3) reception room there.
“You have a lot of skill, a lot of speed. They didn't mention John Brown, but he's out there too and Gabriel (Davis) - # 13 they have. All of their guys are really good, they're getting active, and Josh Allen has taken a big step this year from what I've seen in his game, ”said Smith. “What Diggs can do and (Cole) Beasley is good at moving the chains and walking under routes. It will be a difficult challenge for us. “J.
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