Reactions To Chlöe Bailey’s Latest Performance Has Us Wondering What ‘Doing Too Much’ Even Means

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After Chlöe Bailey's appearance of "Have Mercy" on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon earlier this week, online users again express their strong opinion on whether the 23-year-old singer needs to stop "doing too much".
During the performance of her solo debut single on Oct. 12, Bailey looked ethereal and confident in an all-white ensemble with feathers on top and a flowing and dramatic skirt on the bottom that she later removed. The singer opened things up by greeting the crowd and saying she was going to perform her "Big Boy Sonata".
Accompanied by a small string orchestra and a pianist, the adult star sang a classic version of "Have Mercy" before strutting to her sample machine and building the song's beat from scratch.
The rest of the singer's time on stage consisted of an animated version of "Have Mercy" in the exaggerated - if extravagant - performance style that Bailey has become known for.
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Although the show went smoothly, users left comments like:
"No, madam."
"Take it easy, sister ..."
"Why is there obsessed ??"
"Yes, she's doing too much for me."
"If you want to be Beyonce, just say that."
"Okay, Chlöe, we understand ... you do not have to capture the Holy Spirit at every performance."
In response to criticism that it is too exaggerated, Bailey tweeted today (October 13th) simply, "Too busy is my specialty ??"
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Your lively and eccentric performance style is obviously not lead nowhere so fast. Anyway, we're just happy to see she's doing her thing and not apologizing.
In all honesty, who actually makes the rules for what and who is doing “too much” anyway?
What's so wrong with a talented young woman like Bailey - a singer, songwriter, producer, and actress - powerfully unleashing the performer she is? Would we prefer that she just stand in front of a microphone and lip-sync her lyrics?
And what's wrong with Bailey channeling her inner Beyonce? With Queen Bey being her mentor and one of the most successful and well-known entertainers of all time, is it really a surprise that she wants to follow in these footsteps as she paves the way to her own success?
Instead of wondering why she feels the need to do "too much", perhaps we should ask why someone would want her to dim their lights.
Just last week, MADAMENOIRE reported that Bailey addressed her haters in a recent interview on The Real.
"People say I do too much and maybe I do, but it's not on purpose, it's just who I am," she said. “You can't please everyone. Some people will like me, some will not. And that's okay. "
Check out the mixed tweets responding to Bailey's performance below.
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