Reality Steve Revealed a Major Spoiler About How Tayshia's Season Ends

From Cosmopolitan
Reality Steve has only hinted that Tayshia Adams will not get a "love story" about The Bachelorette.
So far we know who Tayshia's last four are, but we don't know how their half of the season will end.
By this point on The Bachelorette, the entire ending has usually already been spoiled by the Bachelor Nation's internet-based detectives. And in the case of Clare Crawley, we know 100 percent what is happening: She leaves the show and is replaced by favorite fanatic Tayshia Adams. What we don't know yet? With whom Tayshia ends. And according to Reality Steve, the answer might not be anyone.
ABC eventually revealed Tayshia as a Bachelorette in a preview of next week's episode, and Reality Steve shared some details on what we can expect from her season:
"Tayshia is coming in next week, and if you want a 'Bachelorette' that's basically a 180 from Clare, she's going to come," Steve wrote on his blog. "It's neither good nor bad. I'm just telling you it will be different. By the way, you enjoy the Clare / Dale love story better this season - because that's the only one you get."
So ... the implication seems to be that Tayshia didn't make a lasting connection with any of the contestants left in Clare's season (or any of the new guys who were only brought in for her half of the show). Hate, but we know who Tayshia's last four are, so get to know them below!
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