'Really sad': Romney says Trump should tout vaccines instead of election conspiracies

Senator Mitt Romney, R-Utah, said Sunday that President Trump's ongoing battle to reverse the November election was both "sad" and "embarrassing".
“I understand the president is trying to find a way to get an outcome different from what the American people have delivered. But it's really sad and embarrassing in many ways, ”Romney told CNN's State of the Union.
Romney made the comments on CNN host Jake Tapper, who asked him about reports Trump was discussing on the application of martial law in an attempt to reverse the election result. According to the New York Times, Trump asked about the idea of ​​martial law on Friday. Trump later denied it and tweeted: "Martial law = fake news. Just knowingly bad reporting! “Tapper called the idea" crazy ".
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"Well, it's not going to happen. It's not going anywhere," Romney said of the reports.
CNN anchor Jake Tapper and Senator Mitt Romney from Utah. (Screenshot: Twitter / @ CNNPolitics)
The Times and Associated Press also reported that Trump on Friday discussed the nomination of Sidney Powell, who was ousted from Trump's campaign team after pitching wild and unfounded conspiracy theories, to a special legal position to investigate electoral fraud allegations.
Trump himself has promoted a number of baseless conspiracy theories to undermine the legitimacy of President-elect Joe Biden's victory. Trump and his allies have also filed a number of lawsuits against the results, only to see court after court dismiss them as unfounded.
On Sunday, Romney emphasized that Trump could focus on success in the fight against the corona virus. The US recently turned green to two vaccines for the virus that has killed more than 310,000 Americans and continues to weigh on health infrastructure across the country.
"He could go out and work for this extraordinary achievement," said Romney, who once applied for a job in the Trump administration but has emerged as one of the president's most prominent GOP critics.
"And instead he leaves Washington with a whole bunch of conspiracy theories and things so wacky and crazy that people shake their heads and ask," What in the world got into this man? "Continued the Utah senator." And I think that's unfortunate because he has done more than this last chapter suggests.
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