Redskins defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio sparks controversy on Twitter with support for Donald Trump

Redskins defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio gave fans a little glimpse of his political inclinations on Tuesday evening.
After tweeting his excitement about the return of baseball, Del Rio tweeted again, which turned out to be a fictional image of a tweet from New York representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.
Jack Del Rio

Impressive? !! Proof ..... come on AOC
https: //
s / 1275549815116611585
Wendy Moran
AOC hates America.
Here is the proof
https: //
tus / 1275545223788036098
3:58 a.m. - June 24, 2020
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He then tweeted about his support for President Donald Trump and America and asked the critics to kiss him (explicitly).
Jack Del Rio

Fact not fiction
https: //
1 / status / 1272342149405634560
@ samanthamarika1
Orange man bad. The Truth About Donald Trump's Racism Narrative.
4:07 a.m. - June 24, 2020
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Jack Del Rio

I am 100% for America, if you are not you can kiss my A $$
https: //
/ status / 1275599120888184832
4:20 p.m. - June 24, 2020
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Del Rio's tweets come a few days after the president said he was likely boycotting football because players - including Adrian Petersons - have decided to kneel out of peaceful protests during the 2020 national anthem.
Head coach Ron Rivera said he would support his players if they choose to kneel.
The team declined to comment on Del Rio's tweets.
Redskin's defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio is causing controversy on Twitter, with support for Donald Trump originally appearing at NBC Sports Washington

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