Refusing to be outdone by Lil Uzi Vert's forehead diamond, Post Malone gets some diamond fangs

Listen to them, the children of the night. What kind of singles they do!
In February, Lil Uzi Vert spent $ 24 million to have a diamond implanted in her forehead. After a few deleted tweets about maybe, possibly dead due to the decision, Uzi seems to have decided not to be a guy with a diamond on his forehead anymore. While the rest of us may have viewed this whole saga as a reminder not to turn the millions of dollars we all lay around into skull-rotting jewelry, it seems Post Malone took this move for inspiration and was planning his very own, extremely expensive body modification: A set of diamond teeth.
The musician / actor / literal cartoon character appeared in an Instagram post from Angel City Jewelers showing him grabbing his head with a cigarette between his teeth like Jared Leto's Joker. In case Count Malone's new accessories are not visible enough for you in this picture, there are two more pictures showing close-ups of his new fangs.
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“Nobody does that !!!” the article reads. "Remember who did it first ... Post Malone is raising the bar again with his massive diamond teeth!" It's also tagged with things like #diamondteeth, #dentist, #gamechanger, and #gameover, which hopefully doesn't omen for future medical ones Problems related to diamond mouth is.
Rolling Stone interviewed Dr. Thomas Connelly, the "celebrity dentist" who helped create the Dread Malonepire, learned that the diamonds used in the process were "40 carat diamonds from Belgium and cut in Israel worth $ 1.6 million “Required. The high costs are apparently due to the fact that the molding process involves “a lot of waste”.
"That diamond," says Connely, "they could have got three or four other diamonds out, so we had to waste it getting it into shape."
Far be it from us telling celebrities how to spend their fortunes, but maybe Malone should just revert to his old spending habits of spending about $ 8,000 a year ordering Popeye's cookies. (That is, as long as garlic is not used in their recipe.)
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