Renegade Cyber Ninjas Brazenly Defies Senate Demand For Records In Arizona Vote 'Fraudit'

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Cyber ​​Ninjas, the company responsible for the highly controversial vote review in Arizona, shamelessly defies a request to publish all records of its operations and communications.
The Arizona Supreme Court earlier this week left rulings from two lower courts asking the state Senate - and the company it appoints - to clear all records of its widely mocked review of 2.1 million Maricopa County votes . The ballot papers for the presidential elections have already been certified several times by real election officials.
Records of a very public concern commissioned by the state Senate cannot escape the Public Records Act simply because they are held by a private company, the courts ruled to have access to records by the good government group American Oversight and The Arizona Republic.
"Arizona law does not allow public servants to outsource democracy and keep their behavior secret," said Austin Evers, executive director of American Oversight, after the decision.
But now, Cyber ​​Ninjas blatantly defies the order and is getting the state Senate into legal trouble.
The State Senate attorney has advised the Company that its refusal to release the court-ordered documents jeopardizes the Senate's ability to comply with the Court of Appeal's order. The interests of the Senate and the cyber ninjas are now "diverging," warned attorney Kory Langhofer, attorney Jack Wilenchik of cyber ninjas, reported the Arizona Mirror.
"The Senate will not support or promote any legal claims, defenses or positions of CNI [Cyber ​​Ninjas] that result in CNI restricting or delaying the fulfillment of the Senate's request of September 14," Langhofer Wilenchik said in a letter .
The ninjas refuse to release personnel records, internal communications and communications with their subcontractors. This is not "practical, workable, fair or legal" and would create a "worrying precedent" for other contractors working for the government, Wilenchik insisted in an email to Langhofer on Friday.
However, in a voluntary token of "goodwill," it will provide "financial reports" on the audit, communications with the Senate (which the Senate already has), and updated subcontracting policies and procedures, noted Wilenchik.
Late last month, after a court ordered deadline, the Senate released tens of thousands of records in its possession, many of which revealed the extremely partisan nature of the operation. Records showed the operation was funded by groups led by former President Donald Trump's ousted National Security Advisor Michael Flynn (nearly $ 1 million), conspiracy attorney Sidney Powell ($ 550,000), and two One American correspondents News Network ($ 605,000) - who raved about the audit operation while you pay for it.
The Ninjas company has vowed to finally release a report on its voting results next Friday after several missed deadlines. It was originally supposed to report in mid-May.
The "audit" aroused suspicion from the start. The head of the company predicted months before it even began that "hundreds of thousands of votes" would inevitably be found for Trump. Ballot papers were even examined for traces of bamboo to prove that the Chinese hacked the votes. And truckloads of voter records were brought to a cabin in the Montana woods 1,300 miles from where those votes were cast.
The Arizona vote was confirmed by Republican Governor Doug Ducey nearly nine months ago after several official recounts found no irregularities. Biden beat Trump with 10,457 votes in the state and ousted Trump by more than 2 percentage points - about 45,000 votes - in Maricopa County.
This article originally appeared on HuffPost and has been updated.
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