Rep. Cedric Richmond Calls Out Matt Gaetz In Fiery Exchange: 'Was That A Nerve?'

MEPs Cedric Richmond (D-La.) And Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) Were heated on Wednesday during a House Justice Committee debate over a police reform law.
Richmond rejected Republican attempts to add amendments calling for an investigation into anti-fascist activists known as "Antifa".
"For my colleagues, especially for those who keep making changes that are tangent and distracting from what we're talking about, you're all white men," he said. "You never lived in my shoes."
He spoke of his own experiences as a black man and his fears about his son.
Gaetz finally interrupted him.
"Are you suggesting that you are sure that none of us have white children?" he asked. "You thought about your black son and said none of us could understand it."
"Matt, Matt, stop it," Richmond said. "I will not be distracted by the color of our children."
Richmond said he knew that some Republicans on the committee had black grandchildren.
"It's not about your children's color. It's about black men, black people on the streets who are killed, and if one of them is your child, I'm also worried about him - and of course I'm more worried about him than you. "
That triggered Gaetz.
"You say you care more about my family than I do?" Gaetz, who is unmarried, shot back. "Who the hell do you think you are?"
The two voices raised as committee chairman Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.) Called for order.
"Was that a nerve?" Richmond asked.
"You're damn right, that was a nerve," answered Gaetz.
The bill, which they later discussed, was adopted by the committee on the basis of party politics.
Justin Baragona

@ Justinbaragona
It was getting hot between Cedric Richmond and Matt Gaetz.

Richmond: It's not about your children's color. It's about black men ... If one of them is your child, I'm more worried about him than you!

Gaetz: Who the hell do you think you are ?!
10:37 p.m. - June 17, 2020
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