Rep. Dan Crenshaw Insists Election Wasn’t Stolen, And GOP Senate Candidate Objects

A Republican Senate candidate cut off MP Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas) on Wednesday when the Congressman told a crowd of GOP voters that the Democrats did not steal the 2020 presidential election.
"Don't pretend that's why we lost," Crenshaw said at a GOP event in Rosemont, Illinois.
Bobby Piton, who is running for the Illinois Senate, wasn't pleased that Crenshaw said that. He interrupted the congressman, said "you are wrong" and claimed that he had "a lot of evidence" that the election was fraudulent. Some Republicans have baselessly claimed that Joe Biden was declared the winner in five states that Donald Trump actually won.
"Five different states?" Said Crenshaw in response to Piton. "Hundreds of thousands of votes? You're kidding yourself. "
Crenshaw then referred to an earlier conversation in which Piton had alleged he was involved in the Maricopa County, Arizona election investigation, which was criticized by both the state's Democratic Secretary of State and the Republican chairman of the county board.
Piton said he remained convinced "it will turn out and it will tip".
Crenshaw didn't have it.
“It won't, it won't. And you need all five states for it to work, ”he replied. "I won't argue with you about that."
Piton posted a video of the exchange on YouTube.
Piton also tweeted that Crenshaw was a "corrupt politician" who "appears to be going into traitor status." He said it was "too polite" to refer to the former Navy SEAL as "RINO" - a term that means "by name only".
Crenshaw has not yet responded on Twitter.
But others interfered.
However, some thought Crenshaw was due for a karmic repayment after going out of his way to support other GOP talks.
This article originally appeared on HuffPost and has been updated.

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