Replacement Harbor Freight jack stand reportedly fails on first use

Last month, Harbor Freight released a recall for 1.7 million Pittsburgh three-ton and six-ton ​​jacks due to a manufacturing defect. Due to worn punch machines, the jack ratchet teeth may not be deep enough to hold the lift extension in place when the supported vehicle shifts its weight. The stands in question were assembled between December 1, 2012 and March 31, 2020. Harbor Freight, however, assumes that potentially defective units make up only 5% of the total run. For security reasons, the company decided to call back all stands and issued gift cards for comparable stands. A man named Mike Galli was given one of the replacement stands, and reports say it wasn't going well.
Galli posted photos online that were taken from the 1320videos Facebook page and showed a booth that had split the weld between two legs. When contacted by The Drive, he informed the outlet that the breakage occurred as soon as he lowered a car onto the stand for first use. "I'm not sure how a three-ton jack cannot carry the weight of a Volkswagen Golf," he said. "It was the first time they were used after the previously recalled ones were replaced." The break resembles the jack tested by a hydraulic press.
It is important to note a few things here. Among the more than 1,000 comments on the 1320videos page with Galli's photo, numerous home mechanics confirm that they have been using Harbor Freight jacks with ease for years or decades - the recall, after all, is almost two million stalls. A three ton stand should carry £ 3,000 - stands are sold in pairs, each half contributing to the face value - and should therefore not have any problems with a corner or even side of the Golf, a hatchback weighing just over 3,000 Total pounds. But we don't know how the incident happened and how much weight was on the jack.
Fortunately, Galli was not hurt. A Harbor Freight statement to The Drive partially states, "We take these matters very seriously and have already contacted the customer to gather more information so we can investigate this issue in depth."
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