Report: Apple’s Electric Car Is on Track for 2024 Production

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Reuters reports that Apple will begin production of an electric car due to start production by 2024, citing unnamed "people familiar with the matter".
This Apple EV is powered by Apple's monocell battery technology, which could offer more capacity in the same space as a conventional battery.
No news of whether Apple will manufacture the vehicle itself or work with a third party.
It was rumored for a long time that Apple was working on a car even before everyone got excited about electric vehicles. According to a new report from Reuters, this vehicle could finally come into play in 2024.
Reuters reported that the Apple car will go into production in 2024 and feature next-level battery technology. The report doesn't say whether Apple will build the vehicle itself or contact partners to actually make the EV, but cites "two people familiar with the hassle" that it will be a mass-produced personal item. Market vehicle rather than a robotic taxi or utility vehicle.
Code-named Project Titan, Apple's Autoplan has been an open secret in the automotive and tech world since its launch in 2014. The technology company brought in vehicle engineers from Porsche, Tesla and other automakers, including Alexander Hitzinger, left the company and returned to the VW group to lead his own Artemis project.
Now the vehicle appears to be back on track and will go into production if the unnamed Reuters sources prove correct. Of course, due to coronavirus delays, the date can be moved to 2025. It is rumored that Apple is turning to sensor companies to expand driver assistance technology.
In terms of actual production, Apple reportedly spoke to Magna, which already has its own EV platform that can be used to build an electric vehicle for other companies. The outcome of these discussions is unknown. Foxconn, one of Apple's longtime manufacturing partners, recently unveiled its own plans for an EV platform.
Photo credit: car and driver
According to Reuters, Apple's "monocell" design for batteries will power the unannounced vehicle. The technology makes bags and modules superfluous and combines the individual cells in each battery. This could result in more capacity in the same space as a traditional battery pack layout. The tech company could also study various chemicals for its batteries.
With its ability to wield power in the manufacturing world thanks to the iPhone, Apple could potentially gain a foothold in ways other automotive startups may not. Even so, cars are difficult to make and this would be Apple's first. That's if the company sticks to that plan. If not, it could be a few more years before an Apple Car is rumored without anything rolling down the street.
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