Report: James Harden arguing with Rockets teammates, threw ball at one

James Harden, who is still on the missiles despite his trade request, reportedly told Houston management that he would be professional and dedicated in joining the team.
Which was hard to trust considering he'd already missed the start of training camp when partying in Atlanta and Las Vegas.
Once with the Rockets, Harden said his stops in Atlanta and Las Vegas are about training for the NBA season. It doesn't seem much better behind the scenes.
Shams Charania from The Athletic:
The athlete learned that Harden had multiple verbal confrontations with teammates in training on Sunday and Monday, and one confrontation included Harden throwing a basketball at a teammate on Monday.
Sources say Harden and rookie Jae’Sean Tate had a fierce exchange during Monday's practice that culminated in Harden throwing the ball in Tate's direction. The ball didn't hit Tate. Interactions like this between teammates during training can be part of a normal competitive environment. However, Harden is known within the organization as a laid-back and calm personality - especially when it comes to superstars - and some in the franchise space see this as unusual given his ongoing situation.
I appreciate the context. Such an incident could easily be exaggerated. But what stands out is Harden, who is known for his negligent intensity towards practicing.
Playing with ball-dominant, defensively indifferent Harden is a challenge in the best of times. It seems particularly miserable now.
Jimmy Butler with the Timberwolves was showing the game book to force a move if an off-season trade request wasn't met. Harden has a different temperament than Butler, so don't expect the exact same tactic. But Butler's approach worked and could be imitated a little here.
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