Report: Jimmy Butler rejected invitation to replace Kevin Durant in All-Star game

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver named Pacer's Big Domantas Sabonis to replace Kevin Durant's All-Star Injury.
What about the Heat Wing Jimmy Butler, the Bucks Wing Khris Middleton, the Heat Big Bam Adebayo, the Hawks Guard Trae Young or the Bucks Guard Jrue Holiday?
Ethan Skolnick of Five Reasons Sports Network:
For those of you who wondered why Jimmy didn't get on the All-Star Team when Durant went out and it was Sabonis, I can tell you that the NBA wanted him to be on the All-Star Team.
You basically know what he made known to the NBA?
He didn't go unless Bam went.
Butler is an excellent teammate for players like Adebayo who share his mentality. This report makes Butler look even better.
But I'm not convinced Butler turned down an all-star invite.
The collective agreement stipulates that selected players will take part in the All-Star game unless they are injured or have some other reason the commissioner deems acceptable. The NBA has announced no consequences for Butler. In particular, given the complaints from other All-Stars about the game, the League Butler would likely not be giving a passport. The NBA doesn't announce every fine, however.
Silver also usually shifts to the coaches' reserve vote when it comes to injury replacement. The Eastern Conference coaches strongly preferred the players who have the best seasons, not the best players. Sabonis played 50% more games than Butler. This is important for assessing the quality of the season. Butler - the better player - could easily have lagged behind Sabonis to Silver.
Even if he actually declined an All-Star invitation, Butler didn't necessarily do so out of loyalty to Adebayo. Butler skipped an all-star game during normal times. He's now had a strenuous run in the absence of blisters and coronavirus. He might just want a break.
Butler is supposed to take his break. At this point, someone inclined to endorse Butler might try to make it as flattering as possible (he got All-Star status, he put his teammate first) - exactly or Not.
But I don't need this report to know Butler deserves to be an All-Star.
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