Report: Raptors co-owner called Masai Ujiri, badmouthed him during contract negotiation

The best the Raptors have done this off-season: keep Masai Ujiri as team president.
But not everyone owned Toronto was on board.
Edward Rogers was apparently very much against Ujiri's deal - until it was overridden by the governor of the franchise, Larry Tanenbaum.
Christine Dobby and Doug Smith of the Toronto Star:
Other sports franchises from around the world were following Ujiri, according to an NBA source. An NBA team's offer included a three percent stake and a salary that dwarfed the $ 15 million-a-year contract he eventually signed with MLSE.
[Rogers] told partners he thought the compensation was too high, and according to MLSE sources and a source close to the NBA, Rogers believed the Raptors could be managed by existing general manager Bobby Webster without Ujiri's help.
The sources said Rogers called Ujiri some time after the meeting and told him that he was not worth the money he paid. The NBA source said the call made Rogers' Ujiri so angry and disrespectful that he was considering taking a year off as president of the Raptors.
The sources said Tanenbaum preferred to compromise with his partners, but in this case he decided to overrule Rogers and sign Ujiri.
Rogers was furious, the sources said, and he and Staffieri tried to bring their case to NBA Commissioner Adam Silver and the league's general counsel Rick Buchanan. The two NBA officials told Rogers that Tanenbaum had the right to terminate the contract, according to the sources.
This is mostly the standard rate - an employer and an employee conduct tense salary negotiations, disputes between multiple owners of a company and an uncontrollable owner of the NBA who believes he has more power than he is complaining about.
Rogers calling Ujiri directly with harsh comments could be above the norm. Ditto Rogers even goes so far as to implore Silver.
But it is also good if there is a review of the remuneration of the board of directors. As chairman of Rogers Communications - a public company that owns a stake in Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment, owner of the Raptors - Edwards had a fiduciary duty.
Ujiri is worth what someone pays him. According to this report, another NBA team offered even more than Toronto. He is arguably the top manager of the NBA.
That's why he got such a lucrative contract in the end.
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