Report: Two teams have inquired about Urban Meyer as head coach

Urban Meyer was an extremely successful head coach. Some think he could be a successful NFL coach. Some NFL teams have inquired if he would be interested in an interview for an NFL head coaching job.
Adam Schefter of reports that at least two teams have contacted Meyer about possible interviews for head coaching jobs. Meyer wants to decide in the next week whether he is interested.
Meyer hasn't been in coaching for two years, but has become a respected college football analyst at FOX. Last year, a FOX report suggested the Browns had a "strong interest" in Meyer. Brown's owner Jimmy Haslam was quick to put that down, saying the Browns are focusing on a coach with NFL experience. (Frankly, it is possible that Haslam's conclusion was drawn after Meyer announced that he was not interested in the job when he actually did.)
Schefter's article ties Meyer to the Jacksonville job, as Meyer is affiliated with the University of Florida. Another team that may be doing due diligence with Meyer is the Lions, as former Ohio standout Chris Spielman now works for the team and advises the owner. Spielman defended Meyer in 2018 when the Ohio state put Meyer on administrative vacation in connection with the Zach Smith domestic violence investigation.
"Well, you know, everyone here and everyone who will see this understands the severity of domestic violence and there is no one to speak of it," Spielman said incidentally in 2018 while visiting Lions training camp. “I know what you know. I don't know what Urban knew and when he knew. I have no idea. I think Ohio State had no choice but to put him on paid administrative leave until they can sort this out. . . . I know Urban and Shelley Meyer are great people and do a lot for the community. I think Urban needs and deserves to be heard when the time is right. "
Anyone conducting their due diligence on Meyer must consider Zach Smith's situation along with the various and ongoing reports of off-field incidents from players who may be properly investigated or reported or investigated or prosecuted during Meyer's time in Gainesville were.
Then there is the health angle. Meyer has admitted he has an arachnoid cyst in his brain, and his final season in the state of Ohio included images of in-game agony that led to speculation that he was enduring symptoms of the cyst. Meyer left Florida 11 years ago, in part due to health concerns caused by chest pain.
Spielman addressed the issue during the Spielman & Hooley podcast in 2018, saying he believes Meyer has "nothing to raise health concerns" and that signs of fear or whatever may be of ongoing frustration with the placement in the Administrative leave. Spielman also gave Meyer some excellent advice at the time. (I took the time to hunt and peck my way through all of this because it really is excellent advice.)
"The only thing I've always enjoyed, and I think what makes you one of the best coaches in college football history, is that you love to compete," said Spielman. “You enjoy the trip. And when you start living and dying every single piece, it will catch you and it will get you because it can reach anyone. . . . I will say that either you control "it" - "it is the consumption of your life" - or eventually "it" will control you. And it changes who you are So you may have to press a reset button, nothing important, just say, “Wait a minute, I have a dream job here. I'm the Ohio State head coach. My inheritance is sealed. I want to enjoy this trip. I don't want this trip to be miserable. "
“And the only reason I go with it. . . is from my own experience. When my late wife vomited one night after we lost and I was physically ill because we lost. And I went out of the room and looked for sympathy, pity. "It's okay." "I understand your anger." She said, "Tough buttercup. I've never seen someone live their dream, who is so damn miserable. Why don't you just start living your dream instead of turning it into a fucking nightmare?" them out of the room.
“So, Coach, I love you, man. Take a second and say, “Wait a second. This will not have a lasting impact on my life if I don't let it. This won't harm my health if I don't let it. I'm the head coach at Ohio State University. There will be ups and downs. And what I'll do from this point on is that I'll enjoy this trip. And I'll compete like crazy and train hard and love what I do, but I'll enjoy it. Because in the long run, and that goes for everyone, it controls you or you can control it. But it comes and you better figure out how to deal with it. And that's just not the case. For Urban Meyer it is for every coach, player and GM that plays this great game at a high level. "
Inspirational words, and if Meyer and Spielman were in Detroit together, Spielman would be able to remind Meyer as often as he needed to hear.
Report: Two teams asked about Urban Meyer when head coach originally appeared on Pro Football Talk

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