Report: Wichita State investigating allegations of abuse against basketball coach Gregg Marshall

Gregg Marshall is accused of hitting a player and putting his hand on the neck of a staff member. (AP Photo / Michael Wyke)
Wichita State is investigating allegations of abuse against head coach Gregg Marshall, CJ Moore and Dana O'Neil of The Athletic.
The school cited privacy laws when it opposed The Athletic, but Marshall upheld the investigation in a statement.
"I am aware that the university was conducting interviews and I was fully involved in the process," Marshall told The Athletic. "I look forward to finishing it while I keep my energy focused on our team."
Marshall is accused of punching the player in the back
Marshall is accused of punching a player in the back and putting his hands around a staff member's neck. He is also accused of assaulting a Wichita state student during a street rage confrontation.
The Athletic report contained several alleged incidents that were described by eyewitnesses.
In the 2015/16 season, Marshall Shaq Morris is said to have struck forward after a practice confrontation. According to the report, Marshall verbally abused Morris after Morris knocked a teammate to the ground while attempting a blocked shot. Marshall thought the game was dirty and told Morris to "stop training" according to several players, according to The Athletic.
These players said that Marshall followed Morris to the gym exit and reportedly slapped him between his shoulders under his neck before exiting the building.
Marshall allegedly put his hand around the employee's neck
In another incident this preseason, Marshall was upset during a practice session with a staff member. Two witnesses said Marshall cursed the employee and reportedly placed a hand around his neck.
In another incident, in which the basketball team was not involved, Marshall became enraged at an athlete from another sport who, according to the report, was pulling away from his parking lot at Koch Arena.
Alleged incident involving student athletes
Student-athletes regularly parked briefly at Marshall's to visit the tutoring center. Marshall would then double park behind a car if, according to the report, he found someone parked in their place. In that case, a witness said the student-athlete pulled back before Marshall could block him and Marshall chased him in his car and blocked him at an intersection.
The witness said Marshall got out of his car and yelled, "Do you know who the hell I am?" at the student athlete. When the sports student replied through his down window, "I don't give an f - who you are," Marshall tried to hit him, according to the witness.
Report: Marshall has a good reputation
While Marshall The Athletic acknowledged the existence of the investigation, he did not address the specific allegations. A former player said Marshall's temperament was well known in the sports department.
"It wasn't just the players - the academics, the marketing, everyone," said an ex-player, according to The Athletic. “If you had to bond with Wichita State Basketball, you got caught in the crossfire. I've lost respect for him because I've seen how he treated my teammates and other people. "
Anger caught on camera in 2016 in the square
Marshall's temper has flared on the basketball court.
In 2016, Marshall was held back during a basketball exhibition against McGill University while berating officials.
The investigation takes place after a spring in which, according to The Athletic, there were six fellows and one walk-in transfer.
Shockers thrived under Marshall
Marshall has coached 13 seasons in the state of Wichita and built the program nationally. The Shockers made the NCAA tournament for seven consecutive seasons from 2012 to 2018 and reached the Final Four in 2013.
Marshall's name appears regularly at prominent Head Coaching openings, but he has stuck in Wichita state.
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