Reporter Says She Quit Her Job and Left Her Husband to Date ‘Pharma Bro’ Martin Shkreli

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Despite being behind bars, Martin Shkreli can't stop making headlines.
Apparently, a New York journalist got a little lost in Martin's sauce when a new Elle feature shows former Bloomberg News reporter Christie Smythe falling in love with the infamous Grifter while covering his various litigation and controversies. Smythe would eventually leave her husband and career for a relationship with the 37-year-old, who is currently serving a seven-year prison sentence.
"I fell into the rabbit hole," Smythe told Elle of their life-changing relationship. "I'm happy here. I feel like I have a purpose."
Smythe, who sold the film rights to a book about Shkreli, still plans to wait behind bars for her Boo, even though he (mildly spoiler alert) won't speak to her now because of the Elle story.
"Mr. Shkreli wishes Ms. Smythe the best of luck in her future endeavors," a statement from Shkreli told the magazine.
Before Smythe became involved with one of the most hated people in the world, she lived "the perfect little life in Brooklyn" with her dog and husband. Now she works in her basement apartment in Harlem, waiting for Shkreli - a man best known for raising the price of life-saving drugs. She also frozen her eggs to make sure they could have children once her "partner" is released from prison.
"I'll try," she said. "I'll be there."
Smythe began reporting on Shkreli for Bloomberg in 2015, covering his various lawsuits and visiting him in prison before finally quitting her reporting job about the relationship in the summer of 2018. Smythe described the development of their romance as "incremental decisions where you". You are slowly boiling yourself to death in the bathtub. "
Eventually she confessed her love for Shkreli in a prison visiting room that smelled of chicken wings. "He told me he loved me too," she said to Elle. "It's hard to think of a time when I felt happier."
Fellow journalists and other online fans made fun of this whirlwind romance between a successful reporter and the man who paid $ 2 million for a Wu-Tang record.
"I realize that it is difficult for many people to accept that 1. Martin is not a psychopath," Smythe tweeted on Sunday when the story went online. “And 2. a woman can choose to do something with her life (other than you) that you in no way approve of. But that's fine. "
When asked if she had heard from her infamous boyfriend, Smythe confirmed that she hadn't. "I didn't. He really hates that I wrote this article," she wrote before adding.
Read the full feature on Elle's website.
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