Republican Group Relentlessly Dunks On 'Disheveled' Post-Rally Trump In New Ad

The Lincoln Project does not let President Donald Trump's very overwhelming rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, slip off.
In a new attack announcement that ended on Monday, the Republican anti-Trump group beat the president for the second time in two days because of mediocre turnout at the event, which was supposed to boost his reelection offer, but the campaign clearly failed Team expectations. Trump, who frequently announces his crowd as an indicator of his support, has boasted that more than a million people have signed up, despite criticizing for planning a rally in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.
In the end, he addressed a venue that was surrounded by huge sections of empty seats.
"Your campaign was so busy whether they could that they didn't stop thinking about whether they should," the Lincoln Project tweeted alongside their new video, "Disheveled."
The video was created based on a Jurassic Park theme and shows Trump on the way to the rally to Marine One, which is the triumphant overture to the film. When he returned from the rally in the BOK Center with a capacity of 19,200 people, in which an estimated 6,200 people took part, a bad harmonica cover plays the theme instead when an apparently exhausted Trump takes the helicopter with his tie untied.
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Their campaign was so busy whether they could that they didn't stop thinking about whether they should.
3:28 p.m. - June 22, 2020
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A day earlier, co-founder of the Lincoln Project and Republican strategist Rick Wilson, in addition to releasing another ad about the Tulsa Rally's lack of participation, said Trump “can't deliver on his wall. He cannot run COVID-19 tests. And now he can't even deliver crowds. "
Trump had prepared for a "record-breaking" crowd, and his team set up an overflow area outside the center where he and Vice President Mike Pence were asked to make comments before the rally. The outdoor appearance was ultimately scrapped when there was no overflow.
The Lincoln Project video was viewed more than 3.5 million times on Monday.
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