Republican Senator 'Absolutely' Supports National Ban On Police Chokeholds

Senator James Lankford (R-Okla.) Said on Sunday that he "absolutely" supports a national ban on police chokeholds, the kind of reluctance that an official has used in the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis last month.
"This is one of the things we should have dealt with a long time ago," Lankford said during an appearance on ABC's "This Week".
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He noted that at least eight police stations across the country have banned the maneuver and are considering further to follow up after the massive protests against racism triggered by Floyd's death.
"Chokehold" has been commonly used to refer to any type of neck hold. The police typically use the term when describing a specific restriction that, according to the CNN, restricts breathing through pressure on the windpipe.
The bystander video showed three police officers holding Floyd to the ground, including one kneeling on the back of his neck when he repeatedly said he couldn't breathe. An autopsy determined that Floyd's death was a murder caused by "heart-lung arrest that complicates law enforcement subduality, reluctance, and neck compression."
Lankford said on Sunday that it was "fairly clear" that the police would not have to use chokeholds to detain suspects.
"Some departments just didn't train for chokeholds and told their officials that they could only do what they were trained for," he said. "There is a longstanding principle that this is not necessary for this situation."
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JUST IN: GOP Senator James Lankford supports a national ban on chokeholds, a detention police force used in the murder of George Floyd.

“We should definitely have that. That was one of the things we should have dealt with a long time ago, ”he says @GStephanopoulos.
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1:58 p.m. - June 14, 2020
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Congress Democrats have included a chokehold ban in their law enforcement bill to reduce police brutality.
President Donald Trump on Thursday signaled his support for a national ban on the practice and told Fox News that "the concept of the chokeholds sounds so innocent," but the maneuver "should be ended."
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) Has not said what police reform measures his caucus would support. But South Carolina Senator Tim Scott, who heads GOP police reform efforts, said Sunday that Chokeholds are "a policy whose time has come and gone".
"We are trying to address this at the local level. The House's policy is addressing it at the state level. I think the President is considering a national perspective on an executive regulation," Scott told NBC's "Meet The Press."
"All three levers want to address the problem of chokeholds, and that's part of the overall discussion about de-escalating violence," he added.
In any case, civil rights activists say that such a ban would likely have little impact on police violence. Cities that banned chokeholds long before the Floyd protests continue to have police brutality incidents involving chokeholds.
"The chokehold ban is essentially useless," Hawk Newsome, chairman of Black Lives Matter in the New York area, told Mother Jones. "If you don't take action against a crime or a murder charge or criminal responsibility for these things and for this bill, it's a toothless watchdog."
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