Republicans express fears Trump will lose presidential election

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Ted Cruz fears an election blood bath. His Republican Senator Thom Tillis speaks of a presidency of Joe Biden. And even Mitch McConnell, the extremely loyal Senate majority leader, won't get anywhere near the White House because of Donald Trump's handling of coronavirus protocols.
Individually, they could arguably be viewed as spontaneous comments from Trump's allies trying to garner support for the US president just days before a general election. Opinion polls show that he is increasingly losing.
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However, along with comments from several other Republicans who appear to be distancing themselves from Trump, his administration and its policies, this reflects growing concern within the Republican Party's top tier that November 3rd will be a victory for Joe Biden and the Democrats could be.
“I think it could be a terrible choice. I think we could lose the White House and both Houses of Congress, it could be a Watergate-sized bloodbath, "said Cruz, the junior senator for Texas and former Trump vocal critic, in an interview on CNBC's Squawk Box on Friday .
"I'm concerned. It's volatile, it's very volatile," he added, although he said he also saw the possibility of Trump being re-elected "by a large margin".
Tillis, one of several Trump employees who apparently signed Covid-19 at a super-spreader event at the White House two weeks ago, faces an uphill battle for re-election as Senator for North Carolina and has during a debate the prospect of a defeat for Trump aroused against Democratic challenger Cal Cunningham.
"The best control for a Biden presidency is that Republicans have a majority in the Senate," he said, inadvertently suggesting that a Democratic victory next month could be a deal done. "Checks and balances are getting a lot of positive feedback from voters in North Carolina," he added.
In other countries, Republicans' displeasure with Trump is becoming increasingly evident, especially with candidates embroiled in their own narrow election campaigns.
Martha McSally, the Arizona Senator who is well behind former NASA astronaut Mark Kelly, attacked Trump for his repeated attacks on her predecessor John McCain. "In all honesty, it makes me angry when he does," she said in a debate this week.
Texas Senator John Cornyn beat up Trump this week for "causing confusion over the coronavirus" and "down his guard" as the pandemic spread across the country.
McConnell's comments on why he hasn't been to the White House for at least two months could be seen in a different context, given that he's 78 years old and is in the same vulnerable population as the already infected president.
"My impression was that their approach to my approach was different from mine and what I suggested in the Senate, which was to wear a mask and practice social distancing," he said.
But Trump's staunch ally's rejection was almost unheard of in the four years of the presidency. McConnell's words seem to reflect the threat a nationwide backlash to Trump's pandemic handling poses to the Senate Republican majority.

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