Republicans launch another pro-Biden Super PAC to help defeat Trump

By Tim Reid
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Republicans who worked for U.S. Presidents Donald Trump and George W. Bush founded a Super PAC in November to support Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. This youngest group was created by members of Trump's own party who will work for defeat.
The new Right Side PAC political action committee was founded by Matt Borges, former Ohio Republican Party leader, and Anthony Scaramucci, who served as Trump's White House communications director for 10 days in July 2017.
Borges and Scaramucci have become fierce critics of Trump. Trump helped oust Borges as head of Ohio's Republicans in early 2017 after Borges failed to support his presidential bid.
Borges told Reuters that he was still a Republican and would support every other Republican candidate this year. But not Trump, he said.
"Trump is an existential threat to the Republican Party and the country and we need him out of office," said Borges.
He declined to name the main donors for his PAC, but said that there would be a public submission of contributions to the Bundestag election commission in mid-July.
Several Republican-led groups have made efforts to persuade voters who supported Trump in 2016 to switch their support to Biden in the November 3 election and criticized him for dealing with the coronavirus pandemic and racist tensions, after police killed African American George Floyd last month in Minneapolis.
These groups include the Lincoln Project, the best known and most active, with anti-Trump ads that are already running in battlefield countries. Republican voters against Trump; and 43 alumni for bids, made up of officials who worked in the George W. Bush Administration, America's 43rd President.
The Lincoln Project is co-founded by George Conway, husband of well-known Trump consultant Kellyanne Conway. Christy Walton, a billionaire and family member who founded Walmart, is one of the most important donors. The 43 Alumni for Biden Group has not yet announced its members.
Tim Murtaugh, communications director for the Trump re-election campaign, declined her efforts.
"President Trump has support for a record number of Republicans and is leading a united party," Murtaugh said. "All efforts by disgruntled former Republicans are doomed to fail."
Borges said his PAC on the right would focus on the six largest battleground states of Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Arizona, and Florida, and use data to identify Trump voters who may have pissed the president off.
He said he does not work with the Lincoln project, but sees his efforts as a complement to it.

(Reporting by Tim Reid, editor of Soyoung Kim and Sonya Hepinstall)

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