Rescue Groups Raising Funds to Fly Nearly 100 Dogs from China's Dog Meat Trade to Loving Homes

The situation for homeless dogs in China "is really bad right now," said Amy Lake, development manager of Retrieve A Golden of the Midwest (RAGOM), told PEOPLE.
RAGOM, a non-profit organization from Minnesota, Iowa, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin dedicated to saving golden retrievers around the world, has helped rescue dogs from China, especially those caught in the dog meat trade. for years.
The novel pandemic of the coronavirus (COVID-19) has brought the rescue efforts of RAGOM and many other rescue groups in the country to a standstill - since many rescue operations depend on voluntary international travelers who fly the dogs from China to their new homes in the world.
However, as the Yulin Dog Meat Festival drew closer and China's animal shelters filled with dogs due to the effects of COVID-19 on people's lives, RAGOM and other rescue groups knew they couldn't ignore this "perfect storm" of dog hazards. and wait for international travel to return to normal.
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To take action, RAGOM and 8 other US rescue groups, with the help of China Dog Rescue, chartered a private plane for a group of nearly 100 rescue dogs from China and were lucky enough to be approached by an air carrier.
Courtesy Get a Midwest Golden (RAGOM)
The company, which wants to remain anonymous, has offered to charter a plane for the bailout, and is only asking the groups to cover the fuel price and some other costs - a total of $ 260,000.
RAGOM and the other groups now have until the beginning of July to raise the money for the flight and have already raised $ 177,000 in donations.
"This is a fundraiser for all or nothing. If we don't reach our $ 260,000 goal, we won't be able to charter the plane," said Lake about the importance of raising this money on time.
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When the funds are raised, the plane will fly to China in early July and pick up nearly 100 dogs, including numerous Golden Retrievers and small breed dogs, and fly back to O'Hare Airport in Chicago, where volunteers from each of the nine dogs will be rescuers waiting to pick up the puppy dogs and drive them to nursing homes across the country. As soon as the dogs are rested, comfortable and healthy, they are released for adoption.
To help RAGOM and the other rescue workers reach their destination and save almost 100 dogs in need, you can donate to the RAGOM website for the rescue fund.

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