RHOA : Drew Sidora Tells 'Controlling' Husband Ralph Pittman She Wants to Go to Counseling

Drew Sidora / Instagram Drew Sidora and Frank Pittman
Drew Sidora wants a permanent marriage and she is doing everything possible to make it happen.
During the Sunday episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta, the 35-year-old Step Up actress admitted that things between her and husband Ralph Pittman were "definitely not great". To resolve their relationship problems, Drew brought the idea of ​​marriage counseling to her husband, who was on board.
The episode began the day after the couple celebrated their sixth anniversary - a meal that ended when Drew tearfully left the table after an argument.
"You know, we didn't really sort things out. We decided to just bring them to the table," Drew said to the cameras. "Which drives me crazy at this point. We don't really talk about it and we don't have the tools to really solve it. So we just go along with it and get on with it until the next crazy argument."
That day, when Drew and Ralph were sitting in the living room rehearsing their mother, Pastor Jeanette's sermon, for which the couple agreed to worship, another discussion broke out.
When Pastor Jeanette said the title of the sermon was "Bridle Your Tongue," she looked directly at Ralph, which prompted him to wonder why she was looking in his direction. Addressing the couple's anniversary dinner, Drew's mom said she "suspected something was going to be going on yesterday".
"And when I came here to celebrate your anniversary, I came here to cry someone," she continued, referring to her daughter.
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Although Jeanette said she tried not to take sides, Ralph didn't believe it. "Oh you really?" he asked. Jeannette shared her true feelings towards her son-in-law and told him: "You want one person to agree with you all the time."
In response, Ralph said there were "some things we need to get on the same page with. And that's work that you and I have to do because it isn't." Ralph, I wrote this about you, and that's what you have to do. '"
"You wrote the sermon for me," he added.
"Well, based on what happened yesterday and how you spoke to her," Drew said to Ralph before defending her mother's sermon. "But it was a lesson for them, a lesson for me, it's a lesson for everyone who'll be on Zoom."
It was not easy for Drew to "bridge the gap between Ralph and my mother," she admitted to cameras. "The way he speaks is super straightforward. Sometimes she takes that as disrespect."
She suggested that her husband listen and "let someone speak what is important to him," adding, "And just know that you are not perfect."
"And maybe there is still a lot to do," she continued. "There has to be some growth. Why can't you just say, 'Well, maybe I can learn something tomorrow'? You think you're getting kind of combative."
From Ralph's perspective, "I think this is a sermon we can all use," he said.
Drew decided to "plan the interview" and proceed with the rehearsal, saying she didn't want her mother and husband to get into an argument. "I just can't stand that now."
Drew Sidora / Instagram Drew Sidora and her family
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"Ralph is very argumentative and I take a lot of responsibility and it's a lot of work," said Drew. "I'm tired - like, I'm really tired. So I think we've come to a place where you just have to put into perspective why you originally came together."
Later in the episode, Drew asked Ralph to help her while she was packing up her house in preparation for the family's move to a new home.
“Ralph and I are about to buy a new house, my first house I ever bought. So I'm very excited. It's literally around the corner from where we now live, and it's over 9,000 square feet big so we can definitely stay in our corners if we have to, "she explained.
When Drew asked if they could move a box of things to the new location, Ralph said the house wasn't theirs "until I buy it," and stated that an assessment needed to be made, their attorney would need to intervene and that they needed to make sure the title was clean and to schedule a deadline before they could sign.
Though Drew wanted to say it was her house, Ralph insisted, "I'm not going to say anything. This is something you just don't do. That's why I say, 'You just focus on packing.' I'll take care of business. "
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But Drew wanted to be part of the business process as well as packaging.
"I'm definitely not a woman who wanted to be kept. I wanted a partner. But Ralph can control, you know, he wants to be the knight in shining armor," she said in a confessional. "I am definitely grateful and see his worth and sometimes I feel that he doesn't see mine."
"I really have a feeling that when we get along it's forever. But when we have these arguments, at some point it's like enough is enough," continued the mother of three. "We have to come together for our children and for our marriage if we want this thing to last."
As he drove to her new place, Ralph addressed his shortcomings and told his wife, "Sometimes I can do something wrong and I admit it."
"Good," she replied, revealing that she had contacted a marriage counselor.
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"I called a counselor who works with couples. Honestly, if we move into this house I don't want to bring our past into this house," she said as they pulled up. "I want this to be a home that we can like as our children grow, you know?"
When Ralph learned that his wife had already spoken to the counselor, he was on the defense. "So you've already given her a bias so she's already trying to anticipate me - 'let me tell you what it takes to fixate on Ralph,'" he said.
"I didn't say that," said Drew. "I'm sitting here and saying I've found an advisor. That's a good thing. Can you just say, 'Great job, baby.' Can I just hear something positive? "
Although Ralph said he asked "only one question", his wife felt that he "always finds the wrong thing in anything I do, even if I don't do anything wrong".
"We are standing in front of our house that we want to buy and we are arguing. ... This should be a celebration," she said, before asking him directly if he would "agree to a consultation".
"Oh, I'm definitely done with the consultation," said Ralph. "Because Lord knows we need it. Lord, Lord, we need you."
The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sundays (8 p.m. ET) on Bravo.
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