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Well folks, this could be my last column for the paper. You see, as I write this column, we're just one day away from the $1.3 billion Mega Millions draw. I took a ticket for the draw as well as the next Powerball draw even though the jackpot this time was a paltry $170 million and I have a good feeling about those numbers.
Growing up my mom always said something about not counting chickens blah blah blah but I think those numbers are a lock to win and I decided to take the leap into my early retirement and early to write my column about my plans for what I'm going to do with my profits.
Dusty Ricketts
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My wife and I really like it here so we won't be moving. Instead, I'm looking for a piece of land to build my dream home.
But to get started I need to find a good copyright attorney because I need to find out if I can legally buy the Millennium Falcon blueprints from Star Wars and just have them built for my house.
For as long as I can remember, I've wanted to live in Han Solo's spaceship, which got the Cauldron running in 12 parsecs. Now that I'm (probably) a billionaire, I can finally make this happen. Sure, my wife Jenny says it's a stupid idea and that she doesn't want to live in a spaceship, but worst of all I have the coolest man cave on the planet.
I think Freeport could be a good location for the Falcon. Jenny won't let me get a pig for our next dog, but if we live near Alaqua, I can volunteer there and hang out with her pigs whenever I want.
After taking care of my accommodation, it's time to enjoy the travel. Jenny wants to go to Australia and New Zealand and see the sites over there. These countries look beautiful and I'm sure we'll get there soon enough, but I think something grander for my first trip as a (probably) billionaire. I'm going to space.
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This will probably piss my mom off because she thinks the idea of ​​rich people spending millions of dollars to fly up and spend a few minutes in space before coming back down to earth is a ridiculous waste of money. I can kind of understand your point, but space travel is expensive and since NASA no longer flies the space shuttle it has fallen to private companies to fill the void. And I want to help with this expensive gap.
Besides, I don't intend to spend even a few minutes in space anyway. I'm hoping to rent a room on the International Space Station for a month or two. Since Russia recently announced it's withdrawing from the ISS, I think I can probably get a good deal on their rooms. I'm definitely going to watch Star Wars in space.
But back to earth and speaking of my parents, they took care of me when I was a perfect little kid and I would love to take care of them too. They still live in Indiana and Jenny has been talking about getting a condo in Indianapolis so we can be close.
That sounds fine, but I want a home where we can all be together when we're in town and have space for my brother when he's visiting and other friends and family.
I grew up in the 70's and 80's and I've always loved the Ewing mansion Southfork from the TV series Dallas. It would probably be a little impossible, even for (probably) a billionaire like me, to move the actual Ewing mansion from Parker, Texas, about 25 miles outside of Dallas, to Indiana, so I'll probably have to go to a copyright attorney again and take care of it about buying more blueprints.
Someone remind me when I come back from space.
Once I've scored all the ts and i's and Hoosier Southfork is a reality, I just hope the Ricketts family is luckier than the Ewings and we don't have the shootings, fires and adulteries that they had on the show. Fun fact, after the world shut down and we went into lockdown in March 2020, Jenny and I's first series consisted of all 14 seasons, 356 episodes of Dallas. It was good trashy fun.
So this is my life as a (probably) billionaire. What would your plans be for $1 billion when the next draw comes up as I obviously banned that one?
Editor's note: I didn't win. My column and I will be back next week.
Dusty Ricketts is a content coach for the Northwest Florida Daily News. He can be reached at dricketts@nwfdailynews.com.
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This article originally appeared in the Northwest Florida Daily News: Ricketts Column: Maybe You Shouldn't Count Your Chickens Before They Hatch

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