Ricky Schroder apologizes to Costco employee who enforced mask mandate

Ricky Schroder apologizes to the Costco employee he was exposed to on camera for his work in enforcing corporate and state mask policies.
In a new video posted on Instagram, it took the former Silver Spoons star a minute to demand to be allowed into the LA store without a mask after the CDC said vaccinated people could do without a mask, indoors and outdoors to apologize to the supervisor he reprimanded in his viral video.
"First to Jason at Costco," began the 51-year-old Schroder. "Jason, nothing personal. I'm not upset with you or anyone in a position like you ... works for a living. I understand you followed their laws and rules. I tried to give the company a point on Overlords, and.. I'm sorry that I had to use you. I'm sorry. If I hurt your feelings, I'll apologize. "
He continued, "I think independence from medical tyranny is more important than hurting people's feelings. I'm sorry I hurt your feelings, but I want us all to be free. I want to I don't want this COVID reality that they all want - COVID passports. I don't want them. And neither do you. "
In the 7-minute video, the NYPD Blue Alum also apologized to "single mothers" for apparently making comments that weren't well received in another video. Schroder, who said President Biden's victory was "illegitimate" and suggested that COVID was created by the Chinese to reduce the population, shared other political opinions, including "LA lawlessness." he felt unsafe under the current government. He also shared his support for "Back the Blue" and conveyed a message to the "Black Community" that people of color should adopt new leaders - like the downright conservative Candace Owens.
Schroder made headlines for his Costco anti-mask rant over the weekend - and was endorsed by Scott Baio, a former child star. During the store swap, the Champ actor requested a refund of his membership as he was not allowed to enter without a mask - and urged everyone else in the state to do the same. The employee remained calm and repeated the company's California business guidelines.
Costco announced Friday that under CDC guidelines, people who are fully vaccinated can shop without a mask in states with no state or local mask requirements (except in health care areas: pharmacy, optics, and hearing aids). However, California Governor Gavin Newsom has not eased mask restrictions on the state, saying he will consider doing so by June 15 if COVID cases continue to drop. (Other states are also adopting a wait-and-see approach.)
When the Costco employee was explaining the state rule to Schroder, he replied, "Oh, if they allow us? If they allow us, our kings? The people in power? They are going to listen to these people? They 'They have destroyed our economy . You are destroying our culture. You have destroyed our state. And you will just listen to their rules? "
Schroder has been in the news quite a bit over the past few years. In November, Schroder donated "hundreds of thousands" of dollars to rescue Kyle Rittenhouse, the 17-year-old accused of killing two protesters in Kenosha, Wisconsin, last year.
He said he did it because Rittenhouse "has been proven innocent," but felt the teen was being tried in the media - and felt he could relate to it. In 2019, he was arrested twice on suspicion of domestic violence. However, no charges were brought after his girlfriend did not cooperate. She reportedly blamed herself for the second incident because it terrified Schroder in his sleep. (In November, he released a statement from his girlfriend, in which she blamed her alcoholism for his arrests.)
"It sucked because everyone thought I was a brawler and I'm not a bully," Schroder told the New York Post. "I was tried and convicted in the Media Court. But you have to understand that it only shattered my reputation."
Schroder later called the police to report "negative social media posts" relating to his helping Rittenhouse with bail.
Schröder's wife Andrea Bernard filed for divorce in 2016 - shortly before their 24th wedding anniversary. They are parents to two sons, Luke and Holden, and two daughters, Cambrie and Faith.
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