'RIP Taco Bell': People tweet homemade recipes to boycott chain, show support for employee who says he was fired for Black Lives Matter mask

Denzel Skinner, a Ohio Taco Bell employee, says he was released because he refused to remove his Black Lives Matter mask. (Screenshot: Facebook / Denzel Skinner)
Twitter is sharing in solidarity homemade recipes for Taco Bell meals with a staff member who says he was fired after refusing to remove his Black Lives Matter face mask.
The hashtags #RIPTacoBell and #TacoBellIsOverParty were trending on Thursday with photos of copycat recipes for crunchwrap supremes (including a vegan version), Baja Blast drinks, and a quesadilla sauce from people who support a black man named Denzel Skinner.
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Last week, Skinner filmed an argument with an employee at the Ohio Restaurant on Facebook Live from his parked car. Skinner wears the mask in question and says in the video of June 8 (with sayings): "I'm really fired because I have a Black Lives Matter [mask] on."
According to Skinner, Taco Bell allows employees to wear "any type of mask" and that his other mask restricts his breathing. He said when he got to work, a colleague told him, "You can't wear this mask," but he "blew it off."
When the employee appears outside the camera, Skinner says: “You just fired me because I put on a Black Lives Matter mask. Are you serious? You told me I could go home. "
"You told me you weren't going to take it off," replies the voice outside the camera, to which Skinner says, "I am not. Because I am committed to what is right."
The woman says, "You cannot bring politics into the building." When Skinner refuses to remove it again, she says, "OK. Then there is nothing I can do for you. "And" I'm just doing my job ... you don't understand it "and add:" It's a business thing. "
"Would you like someone to wear something that says something about whites?" She asks.
"If you stand for it, yes," replies Skinner.
Skinner said in his video that he wanted to look for a lawyer. "I was fired over a mask," he says incredulously. "... I can't make it up." Before turning the camera off, he says, "Stand up for what you all think is right."

In support of Skinner, people discovered copycat taco bell recipes to encourage people to satisfy their cravings at home.
Elijah Daniel

June 18, 2020
https: //
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Kano :-))
For all crunchwrap lovers, this is the #RipTacoBell for you
33.4 K.
10:52 a.m. - June 18, 2020
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Sir, this is a radio shed
Still, Taco Bell is garbage, here is a recipe for a vegan crunchwrap supreme
https: //
YouTube @YouTube
3:36 p.m. - June 18, 2020
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brooke ❁ josh day
Baja Blast recipe at home:
-8 ounces of mountain dew
- 3 ounces of Powerade Berry Blast
- 6 ounces of ice cream
11:55 am - June 18, 2020
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Here is a recipe for enjoying cinnamon for all #RIPTacoBell of my sweet tooth
https: // www.
hts /
Cinnabon Delights: The best copycat recipe for Taco Bell
Cinnabon Delights: Crunchy donut holes covered with a generous amount of cinnamon sugar and filled with cream cheese frosting. Enjoy this Taco Bell favorite at home in a few minutes!
3:06 p.m. - June 18, 2020
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Since #BlackLivesMattter and Taco Bell are shit, here is a recipe for a cat quesadilla sauce that is PERFECT #RIPTacoBell
4:20 p.m. - June 18, 2020
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Kano :-))
June 18, 2020
Reply to @elijahdaniel
For all crunchwrap lovers, this is the #RipTacoBell for you
@ Zimzalagrim
Bonus copycat Taco Bell Chili Cheese Burrito
https: // www.
134 / Taco Bell Chili Cheese Burrito109585.shtml
Imitator Taco Bell Chili Cheese Burrito Recipe | CDKitchen.com
Copy the famous Taco Bell burrito. Check out other's reviews on how you can do it better!
3:47 p.m. - June 18, 2020
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Yahoo Life could not reach Skinner for comment. A Taco Bell spokesman told Yahoo Life: “We believe Black Lives is Matter. We were disappointed to learn about the Youngstown, OH incident. We take this very seriously; We worked closely with our franchisee who runs this location to solve the problem. Our Chief People Officer and the Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer of Yum! Talked to Denzel last week to apologize and discuss the situation. Our goal is to ensure that our policies are inclusive and that our team members and customers are safe. While our guidelines in restaurants do not prohibit team members from wearing Black Lives Matter masks, we are working to refine our mask guidelines so that this does not happen again. "
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