Rita Moreno's concern for Biden's potential presidency: 'Scares the hell out of me'

Legendary actress Rita Moreno appeared on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen on Sunday. Moreno has been a civil rights activist all her life, discussing the connection between President Trump's term in office and the resurgence of open racism in the United States.
"I think this president has given a large section of the population permission to express their views or attitudes, and I think that has generated an enormous amount of racism that we were not familiar with before," said Moreno.
Moreno believes Trump has encouraged racists to speak openly. "It's implicit in everything he does and says," she said.
As protests against systemic racism continue across the country, President Trump's poll ratings have steadily declined. And while Moreno hopes Joe Biden will win in November, she is concerned that Trump has already kidnapped his potential presidency.
"He'll have to fix so much to fix the damage done. I have a terrible feeling that he will spend 4 years just doing that," said Moreno. "That's what the hell scares me."

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