Robbie Williams sleeps until noon and eats one meal a day to keep in shape

Robbie Williams has revealed his strange routine of sleeping all day so he doesn't get hungry. (Meerkat music via Getty Images)
Robbie Williams found that he resisted snacking during the lockdown by staying in bed all day.
The 46-year-old singer, who has battled his weight, alcohol and drug addiction in the past, admitted that he doesn't sleep at night and therefore stays in bed until noon.
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Williams told talkSPORT Radio: "I don't get up in the morning. You know people say I fasted, well, no.
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"I just slept through so quickly. I don't sleep until 5 or 6 in the morning. I'm a night owl, that's how I am programmed. I don't like it.
"I don't want to be, but I am very productive from 1 am to 5 am. I do a lot of work and wake up at noon. Then I will eat something at 5 pm and feel full."
The Angels singer, who became an ambassador for the WW weight loss program in 2018, admitted to having blown out days consuming junk food, but most days he only eats one meal a day.
Williams said, "I live holy all week. We have "*** for Friday" here. Last week I had McDonald's chips with ketchup and mayo.
Robbie Williams has struggled with his weight in the past. (Getty Images)
"I get a hangover. When I put sugar in my system, I'm a little depressed and a lot slower than usual because sugar is poison. I have no sugar six days a week, it ignites.
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"You come in the slipstream and it becomes normal. I have had one meal a day for the past four days. Dinner only. "
Williams lives in Los Angeles Field with his wife Ayda Field and their four children - seven-year-old daughter Teddy, five-year-old son Charlie, 21-month-old daughter Coco and three-month-old Beau-woman Ayda - whom he married in 2010.
Robbie Williams says he will reunite with Take That. (Getty Images)
He attended a virtual reunion concert with his former Take That bandmates Gary Barlow, Mark Owen and Howard Donald.
When asked whether he would personally reunite with them, he said: "Yes, I would like to make another appearance with Take That."

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