Robert Crimo III’s family noticed nothing amiss, but social media posts painted a darker picture

A "really quiet" child who kept to himself. An aspiring YouTube rapper. A tattooed face.
Robert Crimo III was an enigma to his own family, according to his uncle, who apologized deeply and was stunned after the 22-year-old was taken into custody as a person of interest in the Highland Park shooting in Illinois.
As police began their investigation into the shooting attack that rocked the celebrations at the Fourth of July parade, killing six people and injuring more than two dozen others, troubling details about Crimo began to surface.
"There were no warning signs," Crimo's uncle Paul Crimo told WFLD-TV, describing a typical interaction between the two. Paul Crimo lived with Robert Crimo's father and Paul's brother. "I saw him last night and I went home, I said 'hello' to him and when I came back downstairs I said 'bye', he said 'bye' and that was it."
“There was no sign of trouble. I saw no sign of trouble. If I had seen any signs, I would have said something," he added.
The young man's father, Bob Crimo, owns Bob's Pantry & Deli, a popular spot in Highland Park, and ran for mayor in 2019.
Crimo's profile adds that he is "the middle child of three children and of Italian descent."
While Robert Crimo's loved ones didn't notice anything unusual, the youngster's social media posts painted a bleak picture.
Among them was an animation showing a gunman being killed by police and others with similarly violent imagery.
Crimo's IMDB profile described him as Awake The Rapper, "an American rapper, singer, songwriter, actor and director" from Chicago who is a "six-foot-tall hip-hop phenomenon" best known for his hit song "On My Mind." from October 2018 is known.
The FBI described his tattoos as "four marks with a line through them on his right cheek, red roses and green leaves on his neck, and italic writing above his left eyebrow."
His bio stated that he had been uploading music since he was 11 and that he had a "net worth" that was "estimated at $100,000."
His uncle said Monday he was "heartbroken" when he heard about the shooting.
"It's like a dream, I can't believe it, I can't imagine it. I have lovesickness. I will be heartbroken for the rest of my life. It breaks my heart," he said.

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