Rockets reportedly considering signing Tyler Johnson for playoffs

Tyler Johnson couldn't find his shot in Phoenix (48.1 percent of actual shots, 28.9% of three), was buried in the bank behind Ricky Rubio and Jevon Carter, and as soon as the Sun didn't use him to trade on the cut-off date could bought him out. No team caught him.
Now comes the news that the missiles could drive him down during the restart in Orlando. By Jonathan Feigen from the Houston Chronicle:
The Rockets, which are preparing to restart the NBA season next month, are considering various roster change options, including the signing of Free Agent Guard Tyler Johnson, a person who knows the team's thinking, said Friday.
Johnson, a 6-4 guardian, was picked up by the Suns in February after the close of trading. He was one of the players that Rockets showed interest in signing in 2016 when Nets Johnson signed for a four-year bid of $ 50 million.
If Johnson were healthy and his shot could return, he would go well with the Rockets' little ball game - Johnson shot 37% out of three and showed promise when the heat matched this contract. If he could get close, he could give Houston some depth.
However, in order to sign Johnson - or anyone else - the Rockets would have to do without one of the players currently under contract or one of their two-way players to create roster slot (even under the extended roster rules that apply to Orlando).
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