Roommates promised to split $1 NC lottery ticket if they got lucky. Then came big win

The promise to split lottery money - if you win - is one of those silly things people say without thinking.
Why worry because the odds are a million to one?
According to the NC Education Lottery, it actually happened to two roommates in Greensboro, North Carolina on Friday.
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Ivan Da Silva and Marcelo Cremonese bought a Carolina Cash 5 ticket valued at $ 1 and hit the jackpot: $ 175,114.
The idea of ​​two adults having to split the cost of a $ 1 lottery ticket sounds ... strange. But lottery officials say the win came after the two put their heads together for the winning numbers while they were shopping at Big Boy's Market in Greensboro.
So what did the two of them do?
"Da Silva and Cremonese won their prize on Monday," lottery officials said. "They split the jackpot and took home $ 61,947 each after required federal and state tax withholding."
The odds of finding all the numbers are 1 in 962,598, according to the lottery.
The North Carolina lottery has historically shared winnings among friends and even groups after people raised brains and money for lottery tickets. In March, a group of six friends who played the lottery together for 14 years won a Powerball prize of $ 150,000, McClatchy News reported.
Each member of the Holly Ridge-based team received $ 17,691 after tax.
Cash 5 is a "rolling jackpot game" where ticket buyers can win $ 100,000 or more every night, according to the lottery. Players can either choose their own numbers (like the roommates) or ask the dealer to make a selection.

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