Royal Caribbean and others will test how travelers like sailing in big circles with Singapore-based 'cruises to nowhere'

Royal Caribbean Quantum of the Seas. royal caribbean
The Singapore Tourist Board has given Royal Caribbean and Genting permission to operate cruises that depart and arrive in their port and do not dock anywhere else, according to MarketWatch.
Royal Caribbean is offering three and four day trips from Singapore starting December 1st.
The move is seen as a solution to preventing the virus from spreading to other ports and allowing passengers to return to cruising.
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If seeing faraway places is your only reason to cruise, this latest exercise from Royal Caribbean International and Genting Cruise Lines probably won't interest you. But if you love cruising because you just love being on a big boat then this is it.
MarketWatch reports that the two cruise companies have just received permission from Singapore authorities to leave their port. After a few days, passengers will return to Singapore without disembarking anywhere else to reduce the risk of catching and spreading the COVID-19 virus there. You're going to be paying a ton of money to essentially sail to "nowhere," the point of sale wrote.
Some cruise lines returned to service in other markets in August. However, since the Singapore port is an important hub for Asia, MarketWatch writer Rupert Steiner pointed out that the island city-state's decision is seen as a "big boost".
The program developed by the Singapore Tourist Board is called CruiseSafe and includes rigorous new security procedures to protect passengers from the virus. Working with cruise lines like Royal Caribbean and Genting, the board will try a small number of trips.
Royal Caribbean's Quantum of the Seas is offering three- and four-day trips from Singapore starting December 1st. On its website, the cruise company stated that it "worked with leading medical professionals and the Singapore government to develop our plan".
It also promises "Tests for Everyone", "100% fresh, filtered air", "Standards of purification for medical purposes" and "Improved medical facilities and expert care".
Genting's dream cruises start in November. The company told MarketWatch in a statement: "Working closely with the Singapore government, Dream Cruises has received approval from local authorities to launch a pilot project based on and through its strict and enhanced health and safety protocols exemplary safety record completed during the reporting period is its first two months of operation in Taiwan. "
Cruises are currently under special scrutiny. There have been many widespread cases of passengers trapped on board while the virus spread among them, causing ports to prevent ships from docking and people to let off. Even before the COVID-19 outbreak, giant luxury cruise ships were criticized as massive air polluters.
The move to soar in circles to and from Singapore is similar to that of Singapore Airlines, which offer three-hour sightseeing flights from Changi Airport to nowhere, Business Insider reported last month.
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