Royal family spent $9 million on international travel over past five years: RPT

Yahoo Finance's Alexandra channel has a new report listing the British monarchy's air travel.
Video transcript
ALEXIS CHRISTOFOROUS: Royal news for you in today's "Fame and Fortune" segment. How about that There is some new research revealing how often and how much the Royals fly by private jet or otherwise. We have Alexandra Canal here with the pretty outrageous numbers. Can't be good for the environment, Alexandra.
ALEXANDRA CANAL: Oh, it definitely can't. And yes, you are absolutely right. These numbers are insane. A private jet company has been going through the royals' public financial records for the past five years to find out how many airline miles this family has earned. And spoiler alert, it's a lot. Here is a breakdown of the numbers.
The Royals have covered more than 545,000 miles in 92 trips and cost a whopping $ 9 million in the past five years. To put these numbers in perspective, this mileage corresponds to the journey from the earth to the moon and back again as well as 3 complete loops around the circumference of the earth. This is certainly a lot more trips than I've made in my life, that's for sure.
But when it comes to the royal that has traveled the furthest, for the last five years it will go to Prince Charles. He has made 25 trips of more than 120,000 miles for a total of $ 3.3 million. This is followed by Prince Andrew, Charles' wife Camilla, and then Prince Harry and Prince William round off the top 5.
And remember, these are international business trips only. It does not include personal time, vacation time, or travel within the UK. So we're talking about serious travel around the globe here. And again I just pray that one day I can be a king.
- Well, we already know that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are now out of the royal family and their royal duties. How does your trip stack up at least before this departure?
ALEXANDRA CANAL: Yes, so you traveled quite a bit before your controversial departure. They made two trips to Botswana. They also went to Ibiza for Meghan Markle's birthday and saw the northern lights. There was this trip that was a little controversial. They went to Jamaica for a friend's wedding. Prince Harry flew commercially, but Meghan Markle actually took a private jet out of Toronto. That made some headlines. But everything is running at full speed.
For example, just one trip - round-trip London to Botswana - can be more than 10,000 miles, and that could cost over $ 200,000 for a private jet. And you may not be surprised that many of these trips are made by private jet. Of all the trips examined in this report over the past five years, 61% were flown by private jet charter. Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip, you are the two royals most likely to fly privately. However, they are a bit older. You haven't traveled much in the past five years. You are stuck in the UK.
However, this is not the case with Charles and Camilla. They have probably flown the most in the last half century, Charles 18 voyages and Camilla 12 voyages. You know, they live the high life.
ALEXIS CHRISTOFOROUS: I would say Alexandra Canal. Many Thanks. Imagine if these were commercial flights. They are frequent fliers, the royals. Your frequent flyer miles for the whole family would pile up.
ALEXANDRA CANAL: Oh yes, the credit cards in the Wazoo, yes.
ALEXIS CHRISTOFOROUS: On the Wazoo. Here we go. I couldn't have said it better myself.
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