Russell Crowe Says ‘Bad’ Obstacle Turned Him Off Before He Took ‘Gladiator’

The epic "Gladiator" from 2000 gave the leading actor Russell Crowe his first and only Oscar and an enormous career boost. But Crowe told Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday that a "bad" problem initially eliminated him.
"The script they had was bad," said Crowe on "The Tonight Show." "It was so bad!"
The idea that Crowe isn't playing Maximus, the Roman general who has been reduced to a gladiator, may seem disturbing to fans. Crowe explained how everything worked out in the end.
A producer who didn't know that Crowe had already read an early copy of the script told the actor that he didn't want to send the script to him because he "wasn't going to respond," Crowe recalled.
Crowe said the producer gave him this pitch instead:
"I want you to think about this: It's AD 180 and you're a Roman general and run by Ridley Scott. Just think about it!"
Crowe said he and Scott "clicked" when they first met - and the rest is film history.
Watch the interview above.
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