Russell Crowe Was Apprehensive of Gladiator Because the Original Script Was 'So Bad'

After its premiere in 2000, Gladiator won five Oscar awards, but film star Russell Crowe remembers that the original script was "so bad".
The 56-year-old actor appeared on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday evening and remembered the legendary film in which he plays Maximus, a former Roman general who seeks revenge on the corrupt emperor played by Joaquin Phoenix.
"Gladiator was a unique experience because the script they had was so bad," said Crowe. "The producer didn't know I could actually get a copy, but he said," I don't want to send you the document we have because you don't respond. "
Crowe recalled that the producer continued, "But I want to encourage you to meet with Ridley Scott, and I want you to think about the following: It is AD 180, you are a Roman general and you are being led by Ridley Scott. Just think about it. '”
Jaap Buitendijk / Dreamworks / Universal / Kobal / Shutterstock Russell Crowe in the gladiator
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About meeting Scott, Crowe said they "just clicked" right away.
Though he admits that joining the cast was "a little risky" at the time, Crowe said Gladiator's legacy was "incredible."
"Twenty years later, people are still talking about it," he said. "It doesn't happen with every film."
Crowe recently celebrated the film's anniversary on Twitter, quoting a famous catchphrase from the film.
"Gladiator was released in cinemas in the United States 20 years ago today ... strength and honor ..." he wrote, remembering the line that his character repeats throughout the film.
DreamWorks / Everett Connie Nielson and Russell Crowe in the gladiator
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His co-star in the film, Connie Nielsen, spoke to Entertainment Weekly about a possible sequel to Gladiator in May. Nielsen plays Lucilla in the classic film, sister of the Emperor of Phoenix.
"So we heard from the producers," she said at the time. "I think it's just a question of which film comes first in Ridley's very tight schedule. And then I think it's a COVID question and can we come back?" work."
The 54-year-old actress continued: “But I would definitely be interested in doing [the film]. I mean, obviously it's a wonderful project, so of course I would be interested. "

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