Russians choose not to publish interview with hockey player Dominik Hašek, who noted signs of fascism in Russia

Alona Mazurenko - Thursday, August 4, 2022 at 11:49 p.m
Famous Czech ice hockey player, two-time Stanley Cup winner and Olympic champion Dominik Hašek, who once played for Spartak Moscow, gave an interview to Russian media, but this interview was never published because Hašek condemned Russia's attack on Ukraine and spoke about signs of fascism in the Russian Federation.
Quote from Hašek: "Let's first talk about what fascism is. Its main characteristics include militarism, a strong leader at the head of the state, nationalism, i.e. the superiority of one's own nation over others, and an aversion to foreigners.
The fact is that, relative to the number of inhabitants and GDP, the Russian Federation spends the most, or almost the most, on armaments of any country in the world.
It is also a fact that the Russian Federation has long been led by a figure almost above the law, who defines laws, who influences the state and not only the state media.
And the fact that the Russian Federation is headed by a person who often prevents people from gathering and publicly criticizing him and many other things is also true. And I also often hear nationalism from the political and media representatives of your country, that is, words that convey a certain superiority over the Ukrainian nation. This means that your country's politics exude many forms of fascism."
Details: Hašek is said to have opposed the Russian invasion and supported Ukraine since the first day of the war.
He also criticizes the Czech government and calls on the Czech government to enact a law "that bans Czech citizens from working in a hostile country that has launched a military attack on our ally, killing tens of thousands of people there and threatening us all with nuclear weapons." ".
He said he gave an interview to Russian media but didn't have much confidence that Russian media would publish it.
So he wrote his answers in two languages ​​- Czech and Russian - and published the text on the Czech website
He also supported the decision to ban Russian athletes from international competitions. Hašek stated that the Russians are collectively responsible for the war and killings in Ukraine and only they can influence the authorities they choose.
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