Ruth Bader Ginsburg should have retired under Obama to prevent Trump from filling her seat, says Bill Maher

The political commentator says the Democrats have no plan for the RBG's death
Ruth Bader Ginsburg should have retired before 2016 so that President Donald Trump would never have had the opportunity to fill her vacant seat when she died, said Bill Maher.
Liberal talk show host "Real Time" also suggested that Democrats couldn't properly budget the possibility that Ginsburg, known as RBG, might die while on duty at the bank. ONE
â € œShe should have understood the hint, â € said Maher, 64, referring to an RBG trip to the White House to visit then-President Barack Obama in July 2013.
Mr Obama had a private lunch with the RBG and is believed to have conjured up their retirement. He pointed out that Democrats could lose the Senate, which means it could lose the chance to appoint a judiciary.
"I mean, as great as it was in so many ways, that really put us in a bad place because, as I keep trying to say on my show, power creates power," said Maher.
"If you lose power, you keep losing it. Here we are. We're losing the presidential election, they appoint judges ..."
He added, “If the election ends in court, who do you think they will go with? We saw what happened to Bush versus Gore. I mean that. You lose power and then you lose it again. «
Maher's remarks about RBG seemed to shock Mr Kimmel, who had tried to compliment the HBO host on how well he had handled the news of RBG's death. He was made aware that she was broadcasting live.
After a cancer diagnosis, the RBG died on September 18 at the age of 87. The Brooklyn-born judiciary served three successful decades in court and became a liberal icon lauded for its defense of women's rights and equality.
During Wednesday's Jimmy Kimmel interview, Maher also elaborated on the Democrats' dealings with the Supreme Court while in power.
"Not that her death came as a shock," he said. “The democratic plan for the Supreme Court was for Ruth Bader Ginsburg not to die.” And that's why they're such a losing party in politics. «
Amy Coney Barrett's entry into the bank has shifted the ideological balance of power in the Supreme Court for a generation in favor of the Republicans.
There are now six judges in the court who are considered conservative versus three who are considered liberal.
The judges' decisions have ramifications on some of America's most important and controversial issues, such as women's reproductive rights, health, and taxes.
Ms. Barrett, a true-to-life Catholic, was confirmed in court on October 26th and was ready to go to work next week.
During Senate hearings, Ms. Barrett dodged questions about how to decide on Roe v Wade, the landmark decision that made abortion legal.
She also avoided asking questions about the Affordable Care Act, which President Trump is trying to dismantle to remove health insurance from millions of Americans during the coronavirus pandemic.
During the 2020 election campaign, Mr Trump made repeated attempts to question the legitimacy of the November elections in relation to exposed claims related to election fraud.
When the result is near, he says he can take the matter to court. Ms. Barrett has so far refused to withdraw from a decision on such a case.
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