Ryan Blaney, Kyle Busch, Jimmie Johnson and Bubba Wallace end association with helmet designer after Confederate flag tweets

Jimmie Johnson, Ryan Blaney, Kyle Busch and Bubba Wallace have given up their ties to a helmet designer after the designer's furious tweets about NASCAR's decision to ban the Confederate flag.
Beam Designs was very upset online that NASCAR made the decision to ban the flag on Wednesday. Here you will find a selection of the countless tweets from the account that have not yet been deleted. It's easy to see why Johnson and Wallace would move so quickly to cut ties.
The Confederate flag, north against south in the civil war, a war for the separation of the Union, not slavery. But hey ignorance is gaining again, NASCAR you realize that the north also had slaves, lol not only the south, you also want to remove the American flag, idiots. pic.twitter.com/ZTmDjhflK4
- BEAMdesigns (@BEAMdesigns) June 10, 2020
Budget videophiles
June 11, 2020
Reply to @BEAMdesigns @jeff_gluck
"Race decisions" ........ you're a clown, buddy.
@ BEAMdesigns
What is the reason to ban the flag if it is not racist, then what is it? Is it the color, too many genius stars tell me why they ban the flag? I don't have to blame a flag that was created 160 years ago to demonstrate my support for equality.
2:13 p.m. - June 11, 2020
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Jeff Gluck

@ Jeff_gluck
June 11, 2020
OK Bye
https: //
tatus / 1270836283527647233
John Haverlin
@ John Haverlin
#NASCAR truck driver / owner Ray Ciccarelli says he won't be going to NASCAR after this year. He cited his reasons in this Facebook post:
@ BEAMdesigns
How the sponsors and fan base of Nascars have dropped like flies in recent years, you wonder why?
2:20 p.m. - June 11, 2020
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@ FasttrackSC73
June 11, 2020
@BEAMdesign's pretty spherical move you did with NASCAR media people today! Good for you, Brotha, you get my voice as you described it! #AllLivesMatter #BackTheBlue
@ BEAMdesigns
A sad day in racing when NASCAR placed its drivers, teams and their sport in the political focus of racism.
2:56 a.m. - June 11, 2020
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Beam Designs has developed custom helmets for numerous Cup series riders.
Wallace: "All respect for you lost"
Johnson's announcement was simple and straightforward.
Jimmie Johnson

@ JimmyJohnson
Based on recent social media posts, I have decided to end my relationship with Beam Designs.
10:06 p.m. - June 11, 2020
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Wallace took a different approach and even posted a screenshot of tweets that Beam Designs had deleted. The company was not a fan of Wallace's Black Lives Matter car, which he drove to 11th place in Martinsville on Wednesday evening.
Bubba Wallace

Nope Homie, as a person I've done business with in the past and who ALWAYS respected the work you did for those in the industry. You made it clear where you stand in today's matter. All respect for you lost. #Rubbish
https: //
atus / 1271121169488310272
9:42 p.m. - June 11, 2020
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Blaney followed Johnson and Wallace. The separation from Busch has been reported by the Associated Press.
Ryan Blaney

Given some inappropriate tweets, I will no longer use Beam Designs' services.
11:11 p.m. - June 11, 2020
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Dan Gelston

Kyle Busch joins Jimmie Johnson & Ryan Blaney and breaks relationships with Beam. He won't work with them in the future.
https: //
status / 1271156882107961344
Jimmie Johnson

@ JimmyJohnson
Based on recent social media posts, I have decided to end my relationship with Beam Designs.
11:37 PM - June 11, 2020Village Green, PA
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In an attempt to limit damage before the drivers said goodbye, the company's account tried to balance the previous tweets. It didn't go well. The company was rated - if the number of responses far outweighed the number of retweets and favorites - by people who noted what the account had previously said about banning the Confederate flag.
Many thanks to NASCAR and Bubba Wallace. I fully support the removal of the Confederate flag. ?? will face the challenges of equality. https://t.co/TmgJnSbWDR
- BEAMdesigns (@BEAMdesigns) June 11, 2020
NASCAR prohibited flag on request in 2015
NASCAR's decision to ban the flag on Wednesday came almost five years after fans were kindly asked not to raise the flag in races after a mass shoot at a church in South Carolina. Discussion of the flag ban has been picking up steam in recent weeks when protests have taken place across the country since George Floyd's death.
NASCAR President Steve Phelps said the series could better address racial injustices in a speech before the race on Sunday in Atlanta, and Wallace called for the flag to be totally banned from appearing on CNN on Monday.
These flags are no longer permitted on NASCAR routes. (AP Photo / Terry Renna)
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Nick Bromberg is an author for Yahoo Sports.
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