Ryan Fitzpatrick delivers miracle in Dolphins’ win over Raiders

Do you believe in miracles? If you don't, think again because the Miami Dolphins have just grown to epic size courtesy of an old friend. Quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick took on another street game against an AFC West opponent in the fourth quarter, and unlike the last time the Dolphins added Fitzpatrick to their line-up, the cunning old veteran got the Dolphins their most unlikely win this time around Miami Miracle. This was the delivery on the pass that may have saved the Miami Dolphins' 2020 playoff hopes:
The Dolphins spent essentially the entire football game chasing the Raiders - Las Vegas set the pace early and did well to jump early to Miami, where the Dolphins offensive again battled in the red zone to end the rides and close convert possessions into touchdowns in the first half. Miami rumbled out of the second half and hit the football in the end zone to finish the game 13-13, but Las Vegas soon wrestled control of the football courtesy of a large section of raiders TE Darren Waller who defied himself of the entire competition unguarded proved some strong reps by security Eric Rowe.
But the dolphins didn't break the mentality and kept the game close in the fourth quarter. as the Dolphins followed 16-13 before turning to Ryan Fitzpatrick after Sacks killed multiple back-to-back possessions for the Dolphins in a one-score game. The decision is made for the second time this season after the Dolphins changed their quarterback - and this has proven to be the winner after several dramatic swings. Fitzpatrick was 9-13 for 182 yards over and a touchdown in less than a quarter of the game; but it didn't seem to be all for not sometimes. Fitzpatrick scored several big throws against TE Mike Gesicki but the trip stuttered in the red zone and the Dolphins were forced to score a winning field goal within 5 minutes.
From there, the dolphins' bend failed them not to break the mentality - Raiders QB Derek Carr rolled straight into a lengthy game and managed to hit WR Nelson Agholor for an 85 yard hit, just 25 seconds behind the Raiders bring forward later. But the Raiders missed the extra point, a costly mistake that would end up catching up with Las Vegas.
In subsequent possession of the dolphins, RB Myles Gaskin took a short slant out of the split and 42 seconds after the raiders struck to regain the lead, the dolphins were back in front when Gaskin raged 59 yards to give the dolphins a 23-. 22 lead.
Keep up?
Las Vegas did its best to milk the clock on their eventual possession, aided by a monstrous 51-yard pass interference call against Dolphins CB Byron Jones, to enable the Raiders to freeze the game. But the Raiders chose to milk the clock rather than take a lead that would have commanded a touchdown where Las Vegas would have deliberately broken into the Dolphins' 5-yard line for three consecutive games before scoring a short field goal stepped to retake the watch lead, 25-23 with just 19 seconds left.
And this is where Fitzpatrick's miracle comes in. Fitzpatrick, who had no time-outs and took about 40 yards to get 0:19 within range of the field, fell back to pass and shot a shot down the left sideline at WR Mack Hollins. When Fitzpatrick let go of the ball, the Raiders got a full handful of his face mask and twisted Fitzpatrick's head completely from the throw - and yet Fitzpatrick's throw floated into the waiting arms of Hollins, who rolled out of bounds and positioned the dolphins for a game-winning field goal scoring one of the most unlikely NFL degrees this season.
"They call him Fitzmagic for a reason," chuckled Tagovailoa in the post-game interviews.
Head coach Brian Flores confirmed that Tagovailoa will line up for the Dolphins against the Buffalo Bills this weekend as Miami steps into the field for a "win and in" scenario. But for tonight the dolphins will exhale together, claim a miraculous victory and enjoy the end result: the dolphins' first 10-win season since 2016 and their third in the last 15 seasons.

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